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Top 10 Melanie Koulouris Quotes

#1. Money spent on good-quality gear is always money well spent.

Tahir Shah

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#2. Sometimes I think about dying. And then I wonder about going to hell. And then I think that if and when I go there, the place will be completely organized and run by lost souls, with a council and a works committee and an ethics panel, and I'll feel right at home.

Charles Sheffield

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#3. The only freedom that man ever has is when he becomes a slave to Jesus Christ.

R.C. Sproul

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#4. Sometimes I hear my voice and it's been here, silent all these years

Tori Amos

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#5. We live in a world where great incompatibles co-exist: the human scale and the superhuman scale, stability and mobility, permanence and change, identity and anonymity, comprehensibility and universality.

Kenzo Tange

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#6. Do not allow others' doubts in you keep you from achieving your dream.
Do not allow the doubts of others keep you from being free.

Tracilyn George

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#7. Life is long, and the world is large. It is all a question of taking a chance.

Isabel Allende

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#8. The cornerstone on which all things are based is man's concept of himself.

Neville Goddard

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#9. My honour was not yielded, but conquered merely.


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#10. I don't have that kind of Southern experience, of the fire-and-brimstone preacher type of thing. Certainly not in my comedy. I come more from the guilt-ridden, neurotic type of [ - ] I have more in common with the Jewish brand of comedy.

Larry Wilmore

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