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#1. It is characteristic of the emotions of the very young infant that they are of an extreme and powerful nature. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#2. It is an essential part of the interpretive work that it should keep in step with fluctuations between love and hatred, between happiness and satisfaction on the one hand and persecutory anxiety and depression on the other. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#3. The single most wasteful thing you can do in marketing is try to change a mind. - Author: Al Ries
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#4. The first play I saw was a Samuel Beckett play which was great. - Author: Val Kilmer
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#5. God has put something noble and good into every heart his hand has created. So while living on earth we must always remember to learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow because time will only show what has mattered throughout our journey. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#6. But, apart from that, there was very little on underneath the suit. - Author: Peter Mayhew
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#7. The health of your future kids does not start with their birth - it starts with you, right now, well before you plan to impregnate your wife. - Author: Pratik Patil
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#8. The anxiety arising from the perpetual activity of the death instinct, though never eliminated, is counteracted and kept at bay by the power of the life instinct. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#9. Though life shall come to an end one day, don't end life whilst living. So many people end their lives whilst they live before their lives come to a real end! There is always another tomorrow to do something different! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#10. But that's the thing about best friends - you're allowed to sound pathetic because they love you unconditionally. - Author: Ted Michael
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#11. Amy felt her phone vibrate. She held it up. It was from Ian.
Amy shoved the phone back in her pocket. "Just pretend to be Ian," she told Dan. - Author: Jude Watson
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#12. Feelings of love and gratitude arise directly and spontaneously in the baby in response to the love and care of his mother. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#13. Melanie Klein wrote that children go through states of mind comparable to mourning, and that this early mourning is revived when grief is experience in later life. - Author: Helen Macdonald
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#14. One of the many interesting and surprising experiences of the beginner in child analysis is to find in even very young children a capacity for insight which is often far greater than that of adults. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#15. If someone betrays you once, it's their fault; if they betray you twice, it's your fault. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#16. There has never been a poet able to heal with words, nor accurately express with phrases, the pain of missing a lost loved one. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#17. I grew up going to the movies, not watching them on television, so I'm still a bit resistant to TV as a medium. - Author: Kenneth Lonergan
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#18. I need to return briefly to a few incidents that have grown into anecdotes, to some approximate memories which time has deformed into certainty. - Author: Julian Barnes
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#19. I am. I'm rude because I don't conform to society's standards that white lies are inconsequential. I don't believe in hiding behind words that aren't truthful. I'm an impatient man. I don't beat around the bush. If you ask me something, I won't lie to you. - Author: Whitney Barbetti
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#20. The highly ambitious person, in spite of all his successes, always remains dissatisfied, in the same way as a greedy baby is never satisfied. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#21. St John from the book of The Revelation
"He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark. - Author: Joseph M. Chiron
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#22. Mac [Barnett ] and I have been friends for more than ten years. We met working at an educational nonprofit. And we have been pranking each other the whole time. It's our own version of a prank war. We thought we would channel some of that energy into writing a book. - Author: Jory John
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#23. Feminism freed my mind. Yoga freed my body. It's one thing to intellectualize self-love and another to embody it. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#24. The root of creativity is found in the need to repair the good object destroyed during the depressive phase. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#25. My psycho-analytic work has convinced me that when in the baby's mind the conflicts between love and hate arise, and the fears of losing the loved one become active, a very important step is made in development. - Author: Melanie Klein
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#26. Never seek the wind in the field. It is useless to try and find what is gone. - Author: Jeffrey Archer
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