Top 10 Mehitabel Quotes

#1. I am never so happy aswhen I am broke, and lately I have been happy all the time. - Mehitabel the Cat

Don Marquis

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#2. Life is one damned kitten after another. Mehitabel the Alley Cat

Don Marquis

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#3. Someone who has a disability is not necessarily in distress. You may be embarrassing and inconveniencing someone by butting in and making assumptions.

Mallory Ortberg

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#4. The library was the place I went to find out what there was to know. It was absolutely essential.

Zadie Smith

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#5. I haven't spent years in fashion making friends and making enemies.

Dasha Zhukova

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#6. The Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act is an important authorization for our country and for our citizens, as we have seen so vividly in the last few weeks.

Russ Carnahan

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#7. I don't think kids should have role models. They're disastrous.

Rupert Everett

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#8. That which we remember is, more often than not, that which we would like to have been; or that which we hope to be. Thus our memory and our identity are ever at odds; our history ever a tale told by inattentive idealists.

Ralph Ellison

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#9. True wisdom consists of tracing effects to their causes.

Oliver Goldsmith

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#10. I found school pretty tough. I got the mickey taken out of me at school.


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