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#1. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. - Author: R.P. Dahlke
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#2. Science arose from poetry ... when times change the two can meet again on a higher level as friends. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#3. Perhaps we will meet again and do battle, and if I kill him, I will shed no tears for him. Not for who he is, at least, but quite possibly, I will cry for who this marvelous warrior might have become. If I kill him, I will be crying for myself. - Author: R.A. Salvatore
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#4. While some sit on the sidelines and fail to offer any practical solutions to address high gas prices now, the House is once again taking action to meet the energy needs of the American people. - Author: Dave Reichert
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#5. I often meet adults in their 30s, 40s, or 50s who, as soon as they recognize me, suddenly become six years old again. - Author: Clayton Moore
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#6. He kept wandering all his life until the day he met her. For the first time, he felt he should stop and never look back again. Everything else seemed worthless. Such was her magic. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#7. Do you know what you're going to do now?" she asked. "See the world," said Bod. "Get into trouble. Get out of trouble again. Visit jungles and volcanoes and deserts and islands. And people. I want to meet an awful lot of people. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#8. Beware of parting! The true sadness is not in the pain of the parting; it is in the when and the how you are to meet again with the face about to vanish from your view. - Author: Edward George, Baron George
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#9. Lady, she whimpered softly, wondering if she would meet her wolf again when she was dead. - Author: George R R Martin
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#10. And now, until we meet again, may the blessings of Asgard be showered upon you! - Author: Stan Lee
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#11. Some people meet each other again only when I'm there! - Author: Agnes Varda
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#12. There are some friends you don't meet for twenty years and when you meet them again it's as if no twenty years has happened - you're lucky when that happens. I feel the same about books. - Author: Norman MacCaig
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#13. Books are the most wonderful friends in the world. When you meet them and pick them up, they are always ready to give you a few ideas. When you put them down, they never get mad; when you take them up again, they seem to enrich you all the more. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
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#14. I can't wait to meet Steven Spielberg or Al Pacino again so I can say, 'I have to tell you how you know me. You know me because I am the worst actor in the world.' - Author: Jim Rash
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#15. Every ending is also a beginning. We'll meet again, I promise. - Author: Gillian Shields
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#16. The universe is grand, but life is grander. We're certain to meet again. - Author: Liu Cixin
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#17. Never part without loving words to think of during your absence. It may be that you will not meet again in this life. - Author: Jean Paul
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#18. We'll meet again. We'll meet when years have passed, and years make such a difference, don't they? - Author: Ayn Rand
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#19. We need to meet and flesh out the details of our ... you know ... whatever. I don't know what to call it. Our contract."
"I was thinking the same thing. But can we call it our epic summer romance? Contract sounds so stuffy." He smiles again. - Author: Anne Eliot
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#20. Until we meet again, Blackie . . . - Author: Reki Kawahara
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#21. I often meet frustrated young writers who say they've only got so far and just can't finish a book. Even if you don't happen to use what you've worked on that day, it has taught you something and you'll be amazed when you might come back to it and use it again. - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#22. Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#23. Forever, and forever, farewell, Cassius! If we do meet again, why, we shall smile; If not, why then this parting was well made. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#24. The animals are at a level prior to thinking. They haven't lost themselves in thought. We rise above thinking and then we meet them again, where we're both in no-thought. There's a deep connection. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#25. The best friends are the ones who you can be away from for months or even years, but then when you meet up again it's like you just saw them that morning. - Author: Helen Harper
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#26. Why do people whose existence you are unaware of, whom you meet once and will never see again, come to play, behind the scenes, an important role in your life? - Author: Patrick Modiano
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#27. For just as I am certain of God and His existence, I am equally certain that one day we will meet... or meet again. And that will be a wonderful day! - Author: Jose N. Harris
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#28. A cemetery saddens us because it is the only place of the world in which we do not meet our dead again. - Author: Francois Mauriac
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#29. Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?
Remember how she said that
We would meet again
Some sunny day?
Vera! Vera!
What has become of you?
Does anybody else here
Feel the way I do - Author: Pink Floyd
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#30. Friends of my youth, a last adieu! Haply some day we meet again:
Ye ne'er the self-same men shall meet; the years shall make us other men. - Author: Richard Francis Burton
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#31. Through Christ, the sting of death is but a gentle pinch to the soul; and the mourn is light. Perhaps, someday, in that glorious place, free of sin, we shall meet again. - Author: Criss Jami
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#32. One only hope my heart can cheer,-
The hope to meet again. - Author: George Linley
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#33. Did I hear you say that you had no intention of ever dying?"

"Um. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. It's a mug's game. I won't have any part of it."

"Then you must tell me what it's like. Let us meet here again, Robert Gadling. In this tavern of the White Horse. In a hundred years. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#34. We need to be together."
"Why?" I asked softly. The word was carried away on the wind, but he heard.
"Because I want you."
I gave him a sad smile, wondering if we'd meet again in the land of the dead. "Wrong answer," I told him.
I let go - Author: Richelle Mead
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#35. Hello old friend," he greeted it, "how strange for us to meet again, like this, with the snow blowing so outside."
"You know my ... my wrench?"
"Of course I know it. It was not a wrench when we were last acquainted, but ones friends may change clothes and still one knows them. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#36. We'll meet again, we'll part once more. - Author: James Joyce
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#37. Shall we ever meet again?
And who will meet again?
Meeting is for strangers.
Meeting is for those who do not know each other. - Author: T. S. Eliot
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#38. Wait till the honeying of the lune, love! Die eve, little eve, die! We see that wonder in your eye. We'll meet again, we'll part once more. The spot I'll seek if the hour you'll find. My chart shines high where the blue milk's upset. - Author: James Joyce
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#39. Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes aren't final, when
You only mean we'll miss you
Until we meet again - Author: John Walter Bratton
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#40. Yes, karma propels us into all kinds of unexpected situations," His Holiness said. "This is another reason we should behave with love and compassion toward all living beings. We never know in what circumstances we will meet up with them again. Sometimes even in this same lifetime. - Author: David Michie
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#41. The Dixiecrats meet again in New York. Now they're called Republicans. - Author: Andrew Sullivan
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#42. Do I frighten you?" I ask softly.
He seems to think about that. After a while, he leans back and looks skyward. "I don't know," he replies. "But I do know that I may never meet another like you again. - Author: Marie Lu
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#43. I think people see me definitely as a "gangsta" rapper, and what people love about me is when they meet me and they meet me again later, I'm the same dude they spoke to and ain't nothing changed. - Author: Sheek Louch
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#44. I just didn't realize, being a young person, that if you sign up to make a film, a certain portion of your soul is forever gone. From there on, you are that character to everybody you'll ever meet again. - Author: Glen Hansard
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#45. Charlotte held out her hand. She was somewhat surprised when Linnet suddenly embraced her.
"Keep those claws sharp, kitten. I hope we'll meet again soon."
Hugging the girl tightly, Charlotte felt her throat closing and her eyes pricking with heat. "I hope so too. - Author: Andrea Cremer
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#46. It would not have done Poirot any good whatever to state that his wishes were the precise opposite of hers in this respect. Nothing fascinated him more than the private passions of strangers he would probably never meet again. - Author: Sophie Hannah
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#47. We'll meet again, but you're a lifetime away, and I need you now. - Author: Karen Quan
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#48. I know ... I will never see or meet her again, because she is just a ghost from my dreams. In spite of this, she remains with me as a spark of hope. Because when she throws herself desperately into my arms and my hands embrace her, for the first and last time in my life I feel true love. - Author: Alexandar Tomov
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#49. This goodbye will only seem
Like an eternal pain
If I fail to merely miss you
Until we meet again
As we assuredly will
I've made my mind up - Author: John Walter Bratton
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#50. Here we suffer grief and pain, Here we meet to part again; In Heaven we part no more. - Author: Thomas Hardy
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#51. Remember my words: Be truthful, be kind to one another, and you will attain peace. We will meet again in another life. - Author: Jeanne M. Lee
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#52. Let's start again. Hi, I'm Samirah al-Abbas... You can call me Sam. Everyone does. I'll be your Valkyrie this evening. Pleased to meet you properly... I will now escort you to dinner." She forced a smile. "If you embarrass me, I'll be the first to kill you. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#53. What I mean is this: you meet someone, you think about them. You're already changing because of the way you think about them. You meet them again, you think about them some more, you're changing again. And on it goes. You are changing right now. Before my eyes. - Author: Graham Joyce
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#54. Death is an old friend; I know him well. I lived with him, ate with him, slept with him; to meet him again does not frighten me death is as necessary as birth, as happy in its own way. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#55. I wish you all the happiness in the world, Frau Grant. I hope our paths meet again. - Author: Beatriz Williams
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#56. Next time we meet, my flame-haired beauty, my chivalrous promise will be worthless. Rest assured, we will meet again."

-Lynx (in a note to Callie) - Author: Janelle Taylor
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#57. You be you and I'll be me, today and today and today, and let's trust the future to tomorrow. Let the stars keep track of us. let us ride our own orbits and trust that they will meet. May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies! Love and Love and Love Again, Stargirl. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#58. In the short walk of this life
We have had our share of joy.
Let us hope to meet again
In the youth of our next life - Author: Tsangyang Gyatso
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#59. Goddess" he said. Her voice floated to us. Yes, Child." Will I see you again?"
Just her voice now, young and old at the same time. "In the face of every woman you meet - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#60. Don't you look at me like that, Ror," he whispers. I meet his eyes again. "Like what?" He stares at me a moment, then shakes his head as if to clear it. - Author: Danielle Pearl
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#61. You and I will meet again, When we're least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won't say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again. - Author: Tom Petty
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#62. We Are So Sorry To Hear About The Loss Of Your Little One No One Can Know What You Are Going Through But We Are Thinking Of You At This Very Very Sad Time We Are Here Should You Need Help Or Support God Bless You And Your Little One And Let Him Take care Of Him Till You Meet Again - Author: Julie McGregor
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#63. We shall meet again before long to march to new triumphs. - Author: Giuseppe Garibaldi
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#64. We'll meet again in Lvov, my love and I ... Tatiana hums, eating her ice cream, in our Leningrad, in jasmine June, near Fontanka, the Neva, the Summer Garden, where we are forever young. - Author: Paullina Simons
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#65. At the day of judgment we shall all meet again. - Author: George Whitefield
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#66. The sun on your path till we meet again - Author: Kathleen Herbert
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#67. I can't hep but smile. We are here together. In this wide, wild world, we've managed to meet again. I reach out my hand and trace my finger along the path I took to get him until my hand meets his on the map. - Author: Ally Condie
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#68. Although we are physically laid to rest, we meet again and again to make amends. If I hurt someone in this life, I'll have to relive it to make amends. It helps you realize that by hurting someone, you are actually hurting yourself. - Author: Shari Arison
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#69. Sent. Think you can mess with me? Think again, honey. Student, meet teacher. - Author: Max Monroe
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#70. I would never have ever dreamed that I would get married again and then all of a sudden you meet somebody. That's the thing about life. It can be so unexpected. - Author: Gordon Lightfoot
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#71. Memories are links in a golden chain that bind us until we meet again. - Author: Jacqueline Winspear
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#72. Every time I meet people working in radio, I'm a little embarrassed. It's all pre-programmed, rigidly formatted stuff. Time and time again, when I talk to jocks, they say how jealous they are of the freedom we have on WKRP. I sometimes have to explain to them that it's not a real radio station. - Author: Howard Hesseman
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#73. I want my people to stay with me here. All the dead men will come to life again. Their spirits will come to their bodies again. We must wait here in the homes of our fathers and be ready to meet them in the bosom of our mother. - Author: Wovoka
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#74. Let's promise to each other that if we ever meet again we will never plow and push our new-fallen snow. We will not become slush. We will stay like this field and melt away together only in the sun's good time. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#75. Be honest, Do I give off a vibe that says 'No, handsome stud, I don't want you to make a pass at me,' while at the same time communicating, 'Hello there, acne-ridden dwarf. Promise me we'll meet again. - Author: Melissa Kantor
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#76. Fun? "Katrina, I didn't request to be set up on a date. I can't go meet a complete stranger and ... ." he scanned the email again. " ... and spend the night with her? - Author: Lia Davis
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#77. Your path is not my path. Should we meet at the crossroads and ye be a friend, tarry a while, drink some wine and let us laugh for a while. If ye be foe, continue on your merry way and may our paths never cross again. - Author: Virginia Alison
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#78. I'm sick of these congress meetings. There no reason to meet again. As you know, if there's a congress, I usually win it. - Author: Ivan Slavkov
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#79. So until we meet again, I am thinking of you always; I love you; I wish you were here ... in my arms. - Author: Anne Rice
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#80. For the young, death is an enemy they wish to try their strength against. For those of us a little older, she is an old friend, an old lover, but one we are not eager to meet again soon. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#81. One is perhaps too inclined to think only of him alive at some future time when we shall meet him again; but it is really so much more helpful to think of him as just separated from us for the present. - Author: Andrew Hodges
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#82. Our resources may be finite, but our will is infinite, and I am confident that if we come together and summon that great American spirit once again, we will meet the challenges of our time and write the next great chapter in our American story. - Author: Barack Obama
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#83. Good-bye, Pen Leland. If we meet again, maybe in London next season, you'll pardon me if I don't pursue an acquaintance with you. It's hard to chat about the weather when one's heart is breaking - - Author: Marissa Doyle
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#84. You must be as thrilled as I am to meet again.Call it an act of extreme kindness that I requested your leg be bandaged up," she snaps. "I want to see you stand for your execution,and I won't have you dying from infection before I'm through with you."
"Thanks.You're very kind. - Author: Marie Lu
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#85. Next time we meet again, let's play doctor - Author: Charles Sheehan-Miles
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#86. Perhaps death doesn't mean goodbye, but rather, 'til we meet again. - Author: Paul Stefaniak
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#87. The rope has been torn; a knot
Can tie it again, but
It's been torn.
Perhaps we'll meet again, but
You won't find me
In the place where we parted ways. - Author: Bertolt Brecht
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#88. Lovers may never meet again, but the ways of enemies oft do intersect: This proves some corollary about gravity. - Author: William T. Vollmann
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#89. Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye. - Author: Ouida
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#90. This wash't how people spoke to each other. Where was the pretense that we liked each other, that we were both happy to be there, and we'd meet again? - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#91. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand. - Author: Anonymous
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#92. Where are we going tonight?"
"To meet Eddy at the Brickyard again. It's Thirsty Thursday apparently."
"Oh no, not participating in Thirsty Thursday. Wasted Wednesday was enough for me."
"Just be thankful it's not Mystery Monday or Tanked Tuesday. - Author: Shey Stahl
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#93. Shall I run back into the desert ... and stay there until the devil has passed out of me and I am fit to meet human kind again without driving it to despair at the first look? I haven't had enough desert yet. - Author: Saul Bellow
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#94. When life knocks us down, God CAN put us back together again. He can meet us in our brokenness and restore us to something even more glorious than we were before we were shattered. - Author: Heather Hart
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#95. If you have a problem and you can't find a solution, you meet again tomorrow and you keep talking until you find a solution. You can disagree with behavior or a particular position, but you do not resort to calling an opponent worthless. - Author: Kofi Annan
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#96. Bards don't believe in goodbyes - we know that the roads we walk are winding, and we generally tend to come back to people and places we've known and been before, and often at just the right time." I smiled. "We'll meet again. - Author: Sean Gibson
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#97. No one ever loses anyone. We are all one soul that needs to continue growing and developing in order for the world to carry on and for us all to meet once again. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#98. It must be eight years since I last saw Joseph Taboys. How pleasant it would be to meet his jovial face again, to clasp his strong hand, and to hear his cheery laugh once more! He owes me 14 shillings, too. - Author: Jerome K. Jerome
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#99. Every decision in life; whether good or bad, teaches us a lesson for the next decisions that we will someday meet again. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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#100. He may take long walks
in the raining dark
almost aimlessly
to a spot of soaked grass
in a neighbor's open field.
He's decided this is the place
for you and him to meet again. - Author: Kristen Henderson
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