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Top 10 Medes Quotes

#1. Be to yourself as you would to your friend.

William Shakespeare

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#2. You need not fear, my love,
for never have the stars on high
told what they know.

Kahlil Gibran

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#3. Hey, don't take this the wrong way, but don't come back, ok?

Cornelia Funke

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#4. The Athenians, front-fighters of the Greeks, at Marathon destroyed the power of the gold-bearing Medes.


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#5. It was always easy to think that happiness and wisdom lay in the shadows, in places that have never yet been seen.

Kay Kenyon

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#6. I had a therapist once tell me to "sit with my shit," and I believe that to be a necessary evil of being constantly disappointed.

Chelsea Handler

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#7. I'm a hugger of both men and women. As it turns out that those are taken in an offensive manner, I need to have a greater sense of awareness of what I am doing, and we will correct that, and I am taking those steps.

Bob Filner

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#8. And who will protect me from him?

Cora Reilly

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#9. Bad guys need love too.

Denzel Washington

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#10. Among you Medes, I'm told, there are many men so honorable that everyone trusts them. We're not like that at all - we never trust one another. So what we do instead is make sure that each side's represented, so that every rascal's got two worse looking over his shoulder.

Gene Wolfe

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