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#1. To know one man's story you have to swallow the world. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#2. Not to find pleasure in serious reading gives a pastel coloring to the mind. - Author: Marie De Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise De Sevigne
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#3. nothing motivated a person quite as much as the desire for vengeance. - Author: Douglas Preston
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#4. I used to go into every fight not giving a damn if I walked away from it. Dying didn't mean shit. - Author: Kit Rocha
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#5. We can spend our whole lives underachieving. - Author: Phil Crosby
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#6. All praise is due to Allah that I went to Boston when I did.
If I hadn't, I'd probably still be a brainwashed black Christian. - Author: Malcolm X
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#7. Maydens, be they never so foolyshe, yet beeing fayre they are commonly fortunate. - Author: John Lyly
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#8. Chymia, or Alchemy and Spagyrism, is the art of resolving compound bodies into their principles and of combining these again. - Author: Georg Ernst Stahl
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#9. The way that house music has become so white and so sanitized over the decades and the fact it's still going on, well I think it's sad really, but at the time I really loved it. I loved all the black house music that was coming out of Chicago and New Jersey, which I just thought was really soulful. - Author: Paul Weller
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#10. They may have all had suitcases three times as big as mine, but I realized that the emotional baggage I'd brought with me was big enough to put theirs to shame. It was a little lighter, though, now that I was leaving. - Author: Jenny Lawson
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#11. In my real movie-going days, which were the thirties, you didn't stand in line. You strolled down the street and sallied into the theater at any hour of the day or night. - Author: Orson Welles
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#12. We loved cars until the '70s or so. Then they became appliances. They turned into motorized cup holders. Most of it has to do with urban sprawl. What began as pleasure ends up in necessity, as so many things do. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#13. I feel like my takeaway from tonight is that it's okay to love shitty television, provided that you make an effort to appreciate other kinds of entertainment. - Author: Jen Lancaster
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#14. I was created out of thought so let my food be my thoughts and intellect my daily dose of survival - Author: Kunal Narayan Uniyal
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#15. It is my conviction that physical courage at crucial moments comes from the sum of intellectual courage and integrity that you muster at that moment. - Author: Michael Weisskopf
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#16. Everyone was supposed to love Emperor Palpatine. Everyone said he was the bravest, most intelligent person in the galaxy, that he was the one who had brought order after the chaos of the Clone Wars. - Author: Claudia Gray
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