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#1. As a driver, you always want to be in the car getting as much experience as possible; especially when there's something new like different tyres. - Author: Romain Grosjean
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#2. No matter how much time you spend climbing up, you may still fall in an instant. - Author: Max Payne
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#3. A single camel can carry around 300 kilograms. Using camels for hauling during migration is becoming a rarity in Mongolia, where mechanized transport is gradually replacing traditional means. - Author: Tim Cope
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#4. Every country has its cocktail-party question. A simple one-sentence query, the answer to which unlocks a motherlode of information about the person you just met ... In Switzerland it is, Where are you from? That is all you need to know about someone. - Author: Eric Weiner
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#5. Thwack. The nail drove deeper, as if Montgomery was driving it into my very heart. How hard was it to fix a loose nail? He hit it again and again, determined to set that bookshelf straight. Determined to do something right, after so much wrong. - Author: Megan Shepherd
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#6. That deliverance is of no avail which does not depend upon yourself; those only are reliable, certain, and durable that depend upon yourself and your valor. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#7. I know historians aren't supposed to fall in love with their own theories, but I was head over heels about the notion of an entire band of female French agents, like a nineteenth-century Charlie's Angels. Only better. It made the Pink Carnation's organization look positively humdrum. - Author: Lauren Willig
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#8. If you've got a huge Hollywood star in your film, they're getting $32 million, and everyone else gets their bus fare. - Author: Robbie Coltraine
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#9. The significance of life is living. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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