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#1. Later in the day, a second verse became clear to my vision. It read: "Pray without ceasing." - Author: Mary C. Neal
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#2. I'm purely a popular writer, with no axe to grind apart from writing a good read' for entertainment and relaxation. - Author: Mary Howard
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#3. Once I've accepted a role, I'll let my parents and my sisters read it because they find it entertaining. - Author: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
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#4. Mary Stewart will always be my goddess. I can pick up one of her early books - one I've read a dozen times - and still slide right into the story. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#5. I read Rumi, the 13th-century Persian poet, every day. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#6. I'd already made the decision before I'd even read it-just because it was John Sayles. Then when I read it, the themes were actually themes that have been a big part of my life. - Author: Mary Steenburgen
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#7. If you read Scarlett Avery, you know it's an awesome read! - Mary Johnston - Author: Scarlett Avery
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#8. The whole world opened to me when I learned to read. - Author: Mary McLeod Bethune
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#9. I read 'The Crystal Cave' book by Mary Stewart, and I thought it was a really, really interesting part of the legend, in which Merlin could enter into the cave with these crystals and see reflections of the future in them and learn how to use that and harness those powers for himself. - Author: Colin Morgan
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#10. But I think, maybe, I won't look back at what you highlighted, because I won't need to. I want to read all the way to the end with you. - Author: Mary Ann Rivers
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#11. My mother always read to me as a child. I really believe that bonding time between a parent and child is so important and precious. I have lasting memories of those stories because the experience was special. - Author: Mary Engelbreit
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#12. Having read literally thousands of them, I was sure I knew every which way of killing someone. I never thought a time would come when I would make use of it. - Author: Mary Lou Kirwin
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#13. When I'm working on a serious and solid book ... I read about a detective novel a day. It's the best legal dope in the world. It makes you feel good until the next morning you can work again. - Author: Mary Lee Settle
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#14. Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts. - Author: Mary Harris Jones
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#15. I challenge you to find a more innocuous sentence containing the words sperm, suction, swallow, and any homophone of seaman. And then call me up on the homophone and read it to me. - Author: Mary Roach
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#16. I still read scripts, and if something great comes along, that's great ... but this is my day job. The Row is where I go every day. - Author: Mary-Kate Olsen
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#17. At breakfast!' said Louise in an awed voice. 'A man who can read poetry at breakfast would be capable of anything. - Author: Mary Stewart
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#18. I have read somewhere that we often spend a lifetime searching for what we already have. - Author: Mary Balogh
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#19. Queen Mary had a way of interrupting tattle about elopements, duels, and play debts, by asking the tattlers, very quietly yet significantly, whether they had ever read her favorite sermon
Dr. Tillotson on Evil Speaking. - Author: Thomas B. Macaulay
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#20. Juliet, none of your margin notes! Sophie, dear, don't let her drink coffee while she reads. And off we'd go with new books to read. - Author: Mary Ann Shaffer
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#21. I always read that men don't like intelligent girls, but I've always found the reverse. - Author: Mary Wesley
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#22. What say you, Mary? for you are a young lady of deep reflection I know, and read great books, and make extracts."
Mary wished to say something very sensible, but knew not how.
"While Mary is adjusting her ideas," he continued, "let us return to Mr. Bingley. - Author: Jane Austen
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#23. It is one thing to read about the world, but quite another to see and hear for oneself. - Author: Mary Travers
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#24. I don't read reviews, There's no value for me in reading them. Whether they're good or bad, they'll just make me self-conscious. - Author: Mary Stuart Masterson
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#25. Kinsey wanted Dellenback to film his own staff. There are three ways to read that sentence, all of them true. - Author: Mary Roach
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#26. In fact, the figure in The Last Supper is not a woman: only the most partisan reading can place Mary Magdalene in the scene. Viewers in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries would have read the painting quite differently. - Author: Ross King
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#27. Pirates almost never sailed with women. Just four or five are known to have worked as pirates during the Golden Age. Two of them - Mary Read and Anne Bonny - became famous, dressing as men and fighting alongside one of the most celebrated of all pirate captains, 'Calico' Jack Rackham. - Author: Robert Kurson
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#28. It is grievous to read the papers in most respects, I agree. More and more I skim the headlines only, for one can be sure what is carried beneath them quite automatically, if one has long been a reader of the press journalism. - Author: Mary Ritter Beard
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#29. I worked privately, and sometimes I feel that might be better for poets than the kind of social workshop gathering. My school was the great poets: I read, and I read, and I read. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#30. A fine book, in the perfect setting, when there's all the time in the world to read it: Life holds greater joys, but none come to mind just now. - Author: Mary Roach
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#31. I read your diary. I KNOW. - Author: Mary Papas
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#32. I read the way a person might swim, to save his or her life. I wrote that way too. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#33. Mary reached into her vinyl purse and extracted one of the novels, each of whose covers had promised laughter and tears. She began to read and, finding a masterful storyteller behind its pages, was instantly and gratefully transported to another place. - Author: Lori Lansens
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#34. When you buy my books, you kind of know what you're in for. It's kind of self-selecting. If you have a delicate sensibility, and you're easily grossed out, you probably will never read one of my books. - Author: Mary Roach
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#35. What a joy Mary Jo Putney is to read; she can't write fast enough for me. - Author: Laura Kinsale
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#36. To write well it is entirely necessary to read widely and deeply. Good poems are the best teachers. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#37. I read of men concerned in public affairs governing or massacring their species. - Author: Mary Shelley
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#38. Jacky, who had read and admired Mary Wollstonecraft, and despised the fashion of fluttery helplessness in women, felt, to her own annoyance, close to fainting. - Author: Tim Powers
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#39. When it comes down to it, I don't have much in the way of advice to offer you, but here it is: Read to children. Vote. And never buy anything from a man who's selling fear. - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#40. I'm always imposing my taste in books on others. I hope that people enjoy being surprised by a book they might not otherwise read - I enjoy the surprise myself when others do this to me. - Author: Mary Roach
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#41. Mary-Lynnette: "You have not read 'Pride and Prejudice'."
Ash: "Why not?"
Mary-Lynnette: "Because Jane Austen was a human."
Ash: "How do you know?"
Mary-Lynnette: "Well Jane Austen was a woman, and you're a chauvinist pig."
Ash: "Yes, well, that I can't argue. - Author: L.J.Smith
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#42. Every time your work is read, you die several deaths for every word, and poetry is like being flayed alive. - Author: Mary Stewart
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#43. I've read fast - too impatient not to. But I'll go back and start over again - reading more slowly this time, so I can take everything in. - Author: Mary Ann Shaffer
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#44. When you go to auditions, pretend you already have the job and you're just presenting - almost like you're at the table read. Don't go in with an air of, 'Please like me,' or, 'Please hire me.' You're like, 'Here's my take on it. Take it or leave it. I've got a lot of other things to do today.' - Author: Mary Lynn Rajskub
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#45. It's difficult for me to imagine any scene differently because I've read the book so many times. The book, as a whole, seems like a document that wouldn't withstand any changes at this point. Or perhaps I simply can't imagine having to revise it again. - Author: Mary J. Miller
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#46. I read a fan bulletin board once, and somebody said I had a face like a potato, so I never went back on there. - Author: Mary Lynn Rajskub
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#47. Well-written... interesting read. - Mary A. Boyce - Author: Scarlett Avery
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#48. It is with pain that I read of the dire effects of my book upon the minds of young girls. - Author: Mary MacLane
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#49. You can look at my palm and see the storm coming. Read the book of my life and see I've overcome it. - Author: Mary J. Blige
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#50. Never read anything that you wouldn't want to read out loud - - to your mother. - Author: Mary Ellen Edmunds
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#51. I have always advised men to read. - Author: Mary Harris Jones
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#52. Well that's what I generally do with books - I read them. - Author: Mary-Kate Olsen
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#53. I think that the women's magazines and a lot of those quick tips for better sex, I think that they do people a disservice, sometimes, because they become very focused on - they're thinking, 'Okay, I read that I should do this, and am I doing it right?' - Author: Mary Roach
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#54. Only a newspaper! Quick read, quick lost, Who sums the treasure that it carries hence? Torn, trampled under feet, who counts thy cost, Star-eyed intelligence? - Author: Mary C. Ames
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#55. You can't just be you. You have to double yourself. You have to read books on subjects you know nothing about. You have to travel to places you never thought of traveling. You have to meet every kind of person and endlessly stretch what you know. - Author: Mary Wells Lawrence
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#56. I have never read a line of Walt Whitman. - Author: Mary MacLane
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#57. She read my books the way a young cannibal might eat the hearts of brave old enemies. Their magic would become hers. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#58. Every morning when I pick up the newspaper and read about an earthquake in Japan or problems in European financial institutions, the first question I ask our staff is 'What is money-market-fund exposure?' - Author: Mary Schapiro
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#59. We've read scripts, and I think right now we are just focusing in on school. - Author: Mary-Kate Olsen
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#60. And now dear little children, who may this story read,
To idle, silly flattering words, I pray you ne'er give heed:
Unto an evil counsellor, close heart and ear and eye,
And take a lesson from this tale, of the Spider and the Fly. - Author: Mary Howitt
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#61. Foreshadowing is like playing cat and mouse. If done properly, it can be used to compel the reader to read on. - Author: Mary Sage Nguyen
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#62. I have read of women who have been strongly, grandly brave. Sometimes I have dreamed that I might be brave. The possibilities of this life are magnificent. - Author: Mary MacLane
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#63. Maybe we should all just shut up and read a good book. - Author: Mary Sisney
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#64. Muse, time has taught me that all metaphysical systems, even historical facts given as truths, are hardly that, so I amuse myself with more agreeable lies; I no longer read anything but novels. - Author: Mary Wortley Montagu
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#65. We read books, talked books, argued over books and became dearer and dearer to one another. - Author: Mary Ann Shaffer
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#66. I've read plenty of amazing science pieces where the writers don't hang out in labs. I just have fun doing it. And I get rewarded for it; I get gushy, especially when kids tell me they expected to be bored by my books, but weren't. - Author: Mary Roach
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#67. I've been doing It's Aways Sunny for 12 years, and so I have this cable sensibility. When I read the Grinder script, I was like "this is edgy," which is great, but in a different way from Arrested Development. I feel like the characters are a little more relatable, so maybe that's the difference. - Author: Mary Elizabeth Ellis
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#68. I have been very interested in the number of kids who have read the Sherlock Holmes books after reading the Mary Russell books. That's great. That's more or less how I rediscovered the Holmes books. - Author: Laurie R. King
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#69. [The tamed squirrels] made jolly companions but became very annoyed with her if she read too long; one would climb onto her shoulder, down her arm and sit on the page of her book 'with bushy tail outspread'. - Author: Mary Allsebrook
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#70. I read of the Kalamazoo girl who killed herself after reading the book. I am not at all surprised. She lived in Kalamazoo, for one thing, and then she read the book. - Author: Mary MacLane
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#71. When left alone with her, I ignored her and kept my eyes on my book, though I confess I turned over more pages than I read. - Author: Mary Street
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#72. Had she read any good books lately? At all? She could tell him that she was going to take out a subscription at the library tomorrow because she was feeling starved of good reading material and could he recommend anything that she might not already have read? - Author: Mary Balogh
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#73. The grim, grand African forests are like a great library, in which, so far, I can do little more than look at the pictures, although I am now busily learning the alphabet of their language, so that I may some day read what these pictures mean. - Author: Mary Kingsley
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#74. I loved to read and would read anything that roused my interest, whether it was below my age level or above it, even if I could barely make sense of it. - Author: Mary Gaitskill
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#75. I don't really remember my folks singing to us, but they read to us. - Author: Mary Chapin Carpenter
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#76. There are two kinds of reading, reading which is contemplation - even a kind of vision & reading for information. For the first only the best will do, for the rest - then one can let in anything one would like to read in the world. - Author: Mary Butts
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#77. In some ways, Mary thought, Irma lived her whole life anxious to get things over with, as if she knew the end of her story all along, and didn't feel the middle pages worth the effort of a read. - Author: Lori Lansens
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#78. I then carefully searched through the pages until I was able to find the verse that was crystal clear ... It read: "Rejoice always." - Author: Mary C. Neal
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#79. By comparison he could read her like an illustrated children's story. - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#80. I like to read because
it kills me. - Author: Mary Ruefle
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#81. I remember a class I taught at Ohio State where I assigned a Mary Gaitskill story, which really wasn't that bad, and I had this one girl refuse to read it. But better that reaction than no reaction at all. - Author: Donald Ray Pollock
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#82. Read Talking With Young Children About Adoption by Susan Fisher, M.D., and Mary Watkins, Ph.D. (Yale University Press, 1995). - Author: Sherrie Eldridge
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#83. There is a somewhat time-worn joke about people taking up library work because they like to read : the joke consisting of the fact that librarians have so little time to read. But, I tell you, those who do not, and there are some, are in the wrong profession. - Author: Mary Virginia Provines
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#84. His struggle for a bare living left him no time to take advantage of the public evening school. In time he learned to read, to follow a conversation or lecture; but he never learned to write correctly; and his pronunciation remains extremely foreign to this day. - Author: Mary Antin
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#85. I remember I was unsure about doing 'Shameless.' I'd never acted in anything so commercial. I read the script in the garden with my mum, Mary. She said it's filthy dirty, but she said these people have love and sex and nothing else. That made me take the role. - Author: Anne-Marie Duff
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#86. I love to read and I love to write. I love to read. You have no idea how many books I have. I love to sing. - Author: Mary Mouser
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#87. I learn a lot about my poems when I read them by the way people respond to them. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#88. Do not read beauty magazines. They only make you feel ugly. - Author: Mary Schmich
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#89. If you want to know how many prison cells to build, look at the number of third graders who can't read. - Author: Mary Landrieu
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#90. I don't have a copy of my books, and the degree to which I never read them is profound. I never look. - Author: Mary Karr
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