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#1. I feel concerned by what happens in the world ... I don't want to merely document; I want to know why a certain thing disturbs or attracts me and how a situation can affect the person involved. - Author: Martine Franck
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#2. I see the glass half full ... but of poison. - Author: Woody Allen
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#3. A lot of people have said a lot of great things about Steve Jobs. And for good reason: he built the world's second-most valuable company, with billions in profits and products that have improved every aspect of our lives. But Steve didn't get there by being a soft, fluffy, Kumbaya-type leader. - Author: Kevin O'Leary
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#4. Beyond Brookledge may be the most incredible weekend of entertainment I've experienced in my life. - Author: Mark Ryden
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#5. I believe if you follow your heart and do what you love, success will follow. If you enchant yourself, others will be too. - Author: Mark Ryden
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#6. It's infuriating that yesterday, my father had to pull all my younger cousins into a room and tell them to be more careful. He had to explain that in some cases, their brown skin convicts them before an offense is even committed. - Author: Janelle Gray
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#7. People have the idea that an image must stand for something else, that the real meaning needs to be described with language. Instead it is the image itself that is the meaning. - Author: Mark Ryden
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#8. I find it so much easier to be creatively free at night. Daytime is for sleeping. Nighttime is the best time for making art. The later at night it gets the further into another world you go. - Author: Mark Ryden
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#9. Local commerce, without question, will be one of the fundamental use cases enabled by mobile devices over the next several years. - Author: Andrew Mason
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#10. With every different time comes a different reality. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#11. The most important concept ever put forth was that matter, ALL matter, with no exceptions from stone to star to starfish to student to sovereign, is as divine as all else in the cosmos, for all flows from Consciousness, the Word that came before the World - and all, in time, will flow back. - Author: Ki Longfellow
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#12. That subtle knot which makes us man So must pure lovers souls descend T affections, and to faculties, Which sense may reach and apprehend, Else a great Prince in prison lies. - Author: John Donne
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#13. What I'm most interested in is not necessarily the wound, but the scar. Not how someone is wounded, but what the scar does later. - Author: Daniel Alarcon
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