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#1. Not everything has a name. Some things lead us into the realm beyond words ... It is like that small mirror in the fairy tales - you glance in it and what you see is not yourself; for an instant you glimpse the Inaccessible, where no horse or magic carpet can take you. And the soul cries out for it. - Author: Vernon Sproxton
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#2. From early childhood, my thrust was to get into the movies. - Author: Morgan Freeman
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#3. It is against the will of God that the East should be Christianized. - Author: Herman Melville
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#4. walked a few paces away from her, then turned his whole body towards the south; in this flat desert, it wasn't impractical to triple his axial span. He - Author: Greg Egan
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#5. If getting on the radio was a major motivation, I'd be one of the worst writers of all time. I admire people who do it, and I think it's a nice way to work, but I try to do the best I can and write what I like. I don't worry about it. - Author: Randy Newman
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#6. By being an elite athlete a lot of people think that you can go away or go places and get away with things. I'm more of the laid-back person. I don't have to go and skip the line. I don't have a problem waiting. - Author: Andre Johnson
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#7. So many writers make dope glamorous; a form of romantic transgression, or world-weariness, or poetic sensitivity, or hipness. Mainly it's the stuff of ritualistic communion among inarticulate bores. - Author: Leonard Michaels
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#8. Light and darkness

Exist in each of us

How bright our essence radiates

Is integrally linked with

How honorable is our goodness - Author: Michelle Carbotte
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#9. I'm not particularly a career-oriented guy. I'm lucky. I can make really interesting films much of the time with interesting people yet be anonymous, have a private life. But, I'd like to have the choice of the better roles. - Author: Aidan Quinn
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