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Top 17 Mario Giacomelli Quotes

#1. Nature is a mirror in which I am reflected, because by rescuing this land from sad devastation [through recreating it in photographs], I am in fact trying to save myself from my own inner sadness. - Author: Mario Giacomelli
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#2. Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation. - Author: Kin Hubbard
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#3. Don't seek to be a person of fame, for even villains can be famous. Instead, be a person of value. Fame fades but value is honored. - Author: Sidney Mohede
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#4. The great task of life is transmission: the task of transmitting the essential tools and graces of life from our parents to our children - Author: George Will
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#5. Have I done what is really important today? - Author: Ken Blanchard
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#6. This feeling that the world was so pleased to call love destroyed people every day and it would do that to me too. - Author: Julie Murphy
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#7. Photography is not difficult - as long as you have something to say. - Author: Mario Giacomelli
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#8. I try to photograph thoughts. - Author: Mario Giacomelli
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#9. Of course [photography] cannot create, nor express all we want to express. But it can be a witness of our passage on earth, like a notebook. - Author: Mario Giacomelli
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#10. The vast majority of free verse is ghastly. Utterly ghastly. No one reads it. No one listens to it. - Author: Felix Dennis
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#11. I was a radioman when I first went into the Navy, so I learned to type by taking Morse code. So I was using the typewriter from day one. My handwriting wasn't any good anyway. - Author: Robert Stone
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#12. There are situations that refuse to be photographed. But at other times nothing will stop me, because I know my pictures will not shout against anyone - only against time. - Author: Mario Giacomelli
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#13. I don't know about other people's cameras. Mine is a thing I had cobbled up, it holds together with tape and is always losing parts. All I need to set is the distance and that other thing - what do you call that other thing? - Author: Mario Giacomelli
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#14. Prayer is seeing His greatness to the extent we can receive it. - Author: Richard J. Foster
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#15. You know, every morning that I wake up ... I realize that being World Champion is a gift. And let me be the one to tell you I'm loving every minute of it! - Author: Oscar Gutierrez
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#16. Technology would have long ago made privacy impossible, except that this had only made it more precious and desirable
and in the close confines of starship life, respect for another's privacy had become a powerful tradition. - Author: Gene Roddenberry
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#17. I'm not stupid," I muttered lamely.
"Well, why else would you tell Alex to go anywhere? What will we do for eye candy now? Were you thinking of Nate at all? Were you thinking of me? I think you're incredibly selfish, Lila. - Author: Sarah Alderson
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