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#1. She hauled herself up from the streets, for she was once no more than a courtesan. She is reputed to rule her husband; they say that beneath her fine gowns hangs a prick and her balls clang together like a ring o' bells for the doge has none.

Marina Fiorato

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#2. With a paring knife she hacked off her waist-length hair just below the chin. Kit felt a shiver of misgiving. How would she net a talking fish now, or tether a dragon? How would she escape from her tower?

Marina Fiorato

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#3. I've never been a snob. It [movie] is just about stories. And I've never felt just because it's a big screen and you plop down your eight bucks that gives it a special meaning. It's just "Are you good at telling a story?"

Steven Soderbergh

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#4. My father was so good-natured and had such a happy disposition. I've always confused him with Jimmy Stewart. So, think Jimmy Stewart. That's my dad.

Jane Pauley

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#5. The old spelling MAGICK has been adopted throughout in order to distinguish the Science of the Magi from all its counterfeits.

Aleister Crowley

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#6. Danger is when you are split three ways: Your soul goes one way, your mind goes another way and your body goes yet another way.

Harbhajan Singh Yogi

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#7. If poisonous minerals, and if that tree, Whose fruit threw death on else immortal us, If lecherous goats, if serpents envious Cannot be damned; alas; why should I be?

John Donne

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#8. At the very core of my relationship to learning is the idea that we should be as organic as possible. We need to cultivate a deeply refined introspective sense, and build our relationship to learning around our nuance of character.

Joshua Waitzkin

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#9. No one has seen God, but I have seen your eyes. (Personne n'a vu Dieu, - Mais j'ai vu tes yeux.)

Charles De Leusse

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#10. Baby, I'm all yours if you want me to be.

J. Lynn

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#11. I thought that I was mutant somehow. I eventually realized that I have a very natural look, and that's what God gave me, and I'm proud of it. It was kind of a way for me to get past that as well.

Ronda Rousey

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#12. A world of words where the black characters printed on the parchment he held meant more to this monk than the people or places around him.

Marina Fiorato

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#13. Ma vie piu lieta, piu ridente a belle/ ardisce aprire il seno al sol la rosa ... which express that the rose is more daring then the humble violet!

Marina Fiorato

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