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#1. I don't know; I still like the name Six. Maren
Elizabeth was when I was a different person, and right now Six just feels right. It can be short for something if someone asks."
Sam looks over. "For what? Sixty?

Pittacus Lore

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#2. For the record, Maren voted hot. Drew voted cold. They both voted a la mode. Because, honestly, what's the point of pie without ice cream?

Melissa Tagg

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#3. Right now ... " He nuzzled her neck and she sighed, only to hear Maren's spoon banging against her tray. Alex craned her head around and smiled at the baby. "You're really pregnant?

Donna Alward

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#4. I feel as if part of me is now made of sorrow, some new and tender organ that will pain me until the day I die. I know Maren is safe and well, and made beautiful in all ways. My grief is not for her but for myself - because I miss her . . . because she is missing from me.

Carrie Anne Noble

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#5. Forever. Mine. With me. Wherever life takes us. I want my life to be with you. Marry me, Maren.

Maya Banks

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#6. I must let go of my need for the world to love me.

Kenny Loggins

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#7. Galactica has infinite possibilities. In fact, my character may be abnormal in the sense that she may be more independent than most of the women in classic space adventures.

Maren Jensen

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#8. Go home, kiss your wives, hug your children and put your affairs in order, because tomorrow I will burn your neighborhood to the ground. We will kill you, your families, your neighbors, your pets, and anyone who will stand in our path. An attack on my family will not go unpunished.

Ilona Andrews

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#9. I was very focused, driven, rigid, work-oriented. I didn't care about having a family or making a home. I didn't think about kids. It's not that I didn't want those things; I just didn't think about them.

Susan Downey

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#10. brought home half a dozen flappers, killed with the rifle if I had been out after large game, or with the revolver if I had merely been among the cattle, - each duck, in the latter case, representing the expenditure of a vast number of cartridges.

Theodore Roosevelt

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#11. The road to one's fate is never an easy task. What worth would eternity be if you didn't have to work hard to obtain it?

Maren Dille

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#12. Once you know what the story is and get it right - as right as you can, anyway - it belongs to anyone who wants to read it.

Stephen King

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#13. Action should be taken before a thing has made its appearance; order should be secured before disorder has begun.


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#14. I don't think that hedge funds are bad per se. I think they're just one more financial tool. And in that sense, they're useful.

Barack Obama

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#15. Don't be afraid to fall. Your wings will catch you.

Katie Kacvinsky

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#16. Everybody in hip-hop discriminates against gay people. Matter of fact, the exact opposite word of 'hip-hop,' I think, is 'gay.' Like yo, you play a record and if it's wack, 'That's gay, dog!' And I wanna just come on TV and just tell my rappers, just tell my friends, 'Yo, stop it, fam.'

Kanye West

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#17. Even when Krishna gives you strength, maya will delude you to think it is your strength.

Radhanath Swami

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#18. Most of us will never do great things. But we can do small things in a great way.

Maren Mouritsen

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#19. Instead of shunning the darkness, we can face straight into it with an open mind. When we do that, the unknown changes. Fearful things become understandable and a truth is suggested: the enigmatic presence of the human mind winks back from the dark. WHITLEY STRIEBER, COMMUNION

Whitley Strieber

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#20. Intercessory prayer is an act of communion with Christ, for Jesus pleads for the sons of men.

Charles Spurgeon

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#21. I think maybe I was just waitin on the apocalypse so I would have something to occupy me.

Alden Bell

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#22. Plot is character in action.

Maren Elwood

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#23. All art is concerned with the creation of an emotional reaction on the part of the beholder.

Maren Elwood

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#24. Commitment is a funny thing, you know? It's almost like getting a tatoo. You think and you think and you think and you think before you get one. And once you get one, it's stick to you hard and deep.

Ika Natassa

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#25. meeting ever called, practically ran the PTSA,

Maren Smith

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#26. She wasn't huge or anything, but she wasn't one of the super slim women or the curvy ones who looked lush and beautiful. She was just sort of in between and ... blah.
"Give a mint to know what you're thinking right now," Steele muttered.
"I'm blah," she blurted out.

Maya Banks

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#27. Whether or not Afghanistan would be a peaceful nation-state had we not gone into Iraq I doubt. Afghanistan is going to be Afghanistan, no matter how hard we try to make it something else.

Michael Hastings

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#28. Fictional characters exist in only two places, neither of which is on the printed page. They exist, first, in the mind of the writer and, second, in the mind of the reader.

Maren Elwood

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