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Top 6 Marathi Abhiman Quotes

#1. Leaders focus on what they can control, what they have, and what they want.

Tony Robbins

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#2. It is not unnatural nor should it overly concern you that you feel the need for a change. The mistake most people make when they begin to feel this way is to ignore the voice that is telling them to stop and listen.

Bob Buford

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#3. Roarke wondered if she thought of how many more would be hers - victims and killers. And knew, as he knew her, she did.

J.D. Robb

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#4. I usually make sure that my stories are from Africa or my own background so as to highlight the cultural background at the same time as telling the story.

Buchi Emecheta

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#5. I love the idea of playing a character that didn't over think everything. He knows what's in front of him and he has an ability to just say whatever he felt.

Jason Schwartzman

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#6. I paint because I have no tail to wag.

Hermann Hesse

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