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#1. A cardinal principle in systems theory is that all parties that have a stake in a system should be represented in its management. - Author: Malcolm Knowles
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#2. An essential aspect of maturing is developing the ability to take increasing responsibility for our own lives - to become increasingly self-directed - Author: Malcolm Knowles
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#3. I was a child actor, so when I started filming when I was five years old, it was a long time ago. - Author: Hiroyuki Sanada
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#4. The most destitute person in the world is the one without a smile. - Author: Zig Ziglar
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#5. I see these guys, they throw a guy into the ropes and they do a back flip and then clothesline the guy and it looks stupid. Why don't you just clothesline the guy? - Author: Owen Hart
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#6. The learner should be actively involved in the learning process. - Author: Malcolm Knowles
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#7. Brainless and vicious youth whom I had sometimes met in society, and had never thought of hating because I despised him so absolutely. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#8. The power of sound to put an audience in a certain psychological state is vastly undervalued. And the more you know about music and harmony, the more you can do with that. - Author: Mike Figgis
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#9. Did not God assist us, we should not only not be able to conquer, but not able even to fight. - Author: John Calvin
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#10. Sometimes, when I walk out onto the track I think, 'What am I doing here? Why do I put myself through this?' But that's when you really get into your focus ... you focus on the race you are going to run. - Author: Kelly Holmes
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#11. Nac Mac Feegle were always looking for a fight, in a cheerful sort of way, and when they had no one to fight they fought one another, and if one was all by himself he'd kick his own nose just to keep in practice. Technically - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#12. She's 32, and she has three children. She loves to be pregnant but she doesn't want anymore children in her life. So she decided to help another couple. And she's just been amazing. - Author: Cheryl Tiegs
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#13. A convert's enthusiasm for his new religion is greater than that of a person who is born in it. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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