Top 17 Lynn Grabhorn Quotes

#1. It was said that the view through the open window above the urinal, straight across the Bay to the Silver Span, was the finest obtainable from such a position anywhere in the world, but today Philip kept his eyes down. Foreshortened, yes, definitely.

David Lodge

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#2. Writing 'Magneto' as part of a team took a little getting used to.

Cullen Bunn

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#3. By learning to control the tenor and flow of your electromagnetic energy,
you are learning to take control of your destiny.

Lynn Grabhorn

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#4. Remember that "needing" something to change will always flow negative energy and hold it to you. Finding a way to become excited about what it will be changing into will flow positive energy and get the desired revisions started.

Lynn Grabhorn

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#5. Freedom, peace, and inner joy will continue to elude us until we become aware of our real truth, without hiding ourselves or being ashamed of what we are.

Lynn Grabhorn

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#6. My town is broken.
From this view, I see the end.
Below, they gather.

Ryan Mecum

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#7. Realize that your present difficulty is only a small part of you, and the rest of you is doing quite well, thank you.

Lynn Grabhorn

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#8. Whatever you're feeling is what you're vibrating and what you're vibrating is what you're attracting

Lynn Grabhorn

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#9. I'm trying to reestablish my career and do great work and give my kids the life they deserve.

Tom Sizemore

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#10. So here's the flash: Continuing to live life as a victim of circumstance, forever focusing on what's wrong with everything and everybody, will never, ever, bring the life desired. It will only bring one thing: more of whatever it is we're wanting so desperately to change.

Lynn Grabhorn

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#11. I don't know why sportswriters always have to write bad things about Joaquin Andujar.

Joaquin Andujar

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#12. We are not at the mercy of events that transpired in our childhood unless we believe we are.

Lynn Grabhorn

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#13. It is so difficult to make a neat job of killing people with whom one is not on friendly terms.

Robert Hamer

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#14. When you burn out, you lose enthusiasm. I always loved computers. All of a sudden I just didn't care. It was, all of a sudden, a job.

Tracy Kidder

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#15. Abashed, should assumed its place
in the list of what could
be accomplished, what couldn't.

Wendy Mnookin

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#16. You cannot solve a problem in the same frequency in which it was created.

Lynn Grabhorn

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#17. I put on the first Matrix movie, because it's something light.

Jo Raven

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