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#1. There is no foundation in geological facts, for the popular theory of the successive development of the animal and vegetable world, from the simplest to the most perfect forms. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#2. In reply, I can only plead that a discovery which seems to contradict the general tenor of previous investigations is naturally received with much hesitation. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#3. Geology differs as widely from cosmogony, as speculations concerning the creation of man differ from history. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#4. In several sections, both natural in the banks of the Mississippi and its numerous arms, and where artificial canals had been cut, I observed erect stumps of trees, with their roots attached, buried in strata at different heights, one over the other. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#5. Amidst the vicissitudes of the earth's surface, species cannot be immortal, but must perish, one after another, like the individuals which compose them. There is no possibility of escaping from this conclusion. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#6. Mr. Lyell's system of geology is just half the truth, and no more. He affirms a great deal that is true, and he denies a great deal which is equally true; which is the general characteristic of all systems not embracing the whole truth. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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#7. 'Time's noblest offspring is the last.' This line of Bishop Berkeley's expresses the real cause of the belief in progress in the animal creation. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#8. Such discoveries have led me, and other geologists, to reconsider the evidence previously derived from caves brought forward in proof of the high antiquity of Man. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#9. Never call an accountant a credit to his profession; a good accountant is a debit to his profession. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#10. Man, whose organization is regarded as the highest, departs from the vertebrate archetype; and it is because the study of anatomy is usually commenced from, and often confined to, his structure, that a knowledge of the archetype has been so long hidden from anatomists. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#11. In valley drift we meet commonly with the bones of quadrupeds which graze on plains bordering rivers. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#12. No tools have yet been met with in any of the gravels occurring at the higher levels of the valley of the Seine; but no importance can be attached to this negative fact, as so little search has yet been made for them. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#13. Hitherto, no rival hypothesis has been proposed as a substitute for the doctrine of transmutation; for 'independent creation,' as it is often termed, or the direct intervention of the Supreme Cause, must simply be considered as an avowal that we deem the question to lie beyond the domain of science. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#14. It must have appeared almost as improbable to the earlier geologists, that the laws of earthquakes should one day throw light on the origin of mountains, as it must to the first astronomers, that the fall of an apple should assist in explaining the motions of the moon. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#15. The present is the key to the past - Author: Charles Lyell
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#16. Never was there a dogma more calculated to foster indolence, and to blunt the keen edge of curiosity, than the assumption of the discordance between the former and the existing causes of change. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#17. I may conclude this chapter by quoting a saying of Professor Agassiz, that whenever a new and startling fact is brought to light in science, people first say, 'it is not true,' then that 'it is contrary to religion,' and lastly, 'that everybody knew it before. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#18. It is probable that a greater number of monuments of the skill and industry of man will, in the course of the ages, be collected together in the bed of the ocean than will exist at any other time on the surface of the continents. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#19. Lyell became something of a celebrity - the Steven Pinker of his generation - and - Author: Elizabeth Kolbert
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#20. Geology is intimately related to almost all the physical sciences, as history is to the moral. An - Author: Charles Lyell
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#21. That ere long, now that curiosity has been so much excited on this subject, some human remains will be detected in the older alluvium of European valleys, I confidently expect. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#22. Lyell and Murchison go travelling - Author: Michael J. Benton
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#23. It was a profound saying of Wilhelm Humboldt, that 'Man is man only by means of speech, but in order to invent speech he must be already man.' - Author: Charles Lyell
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#24. So far, therefore, as we can draw safe conclusions from a single specimen, there has been no marked change of race in the human population of Switzerland during the periods above considered. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#25. Geology is the science which investigates the successive changes that have taken place in the organic and inorganic kingdoms of nature; it enquires into the causes of these changes, and the influence which they have exerted in modifying the surface and external structure of our planet. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#26. The frontispiece of Mr. Lyell's book is enough to throw a Wernerian into fits. - Author: George Poulett Scrope
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#27. Notwithstanding, therefore, that we have not witnessed of a large continent, yet, as we may predict the future occurrence of such catastrophes, we are authorized to regard them as part of the present order of Nature. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#28. Each species may have had its origin in a single pair, or individual, where an individual was sufficient, and species may have been created in succession at such times and in such places as to enable them to multiply and endure for an appointed period, and occupy an appointed space on the globe. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#29. Millions of our race are now supported by lands situated where deep seas once prevailed in earlier ages. In many districts not yet occupied by man, land animals and forests now abound where the anchor once sank into the oozy bottom. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#30. In the shallow parts of many Swiss lakes, where there is a depth of no more than from 5 to 15 feet of water, ancient wooden piles are observed at the bottom sometimes worn down to the surface of the mud, sometimes projecting slightly above it. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#31. I long ago suggested the hypothesis, that in the basin of the Thames there are indications of a meeting in the Pleistocene period of a northern and southern fauna. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#32. When on my return to England I showed the cast of the cranium to Professor Huxley, he remarked at once that it was the most ape-like skull he had ever beheld. - Author: Charles Lyell
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#33. After my return to England it appeared to me that by following the example of Lyell in Geology, and by collecting all facts which bore in any way on the variation of animals and plants under domestication and nature, some light might perhaps be thrown on the whole subject. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#34. I would trade all the advantages of humanity to be a fly on the wall when Franklin and Jefferson discussed liberty, Lenin and Trotsky revolution, Newton and Halley the shape of the universe, or when Darwin entertained Huxley and Lyell at Down. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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#35. I always feel as if my books came half out of Lyell's brain ... & therefore that when seeing a thing never seen by Lyell, one yet saw it partially through his eyes. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#36. It has long been a fact familiar to geologists, that, both on the east and west coasts of the central part of Scotland, there are lines of raised beaches, containing marine shells of the same species as those now inhabiting the neighbouring sea. - Author: Charles Lyell
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