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#1. We can never truly or completely know or feel what someone else thinks. This is why we must leave the judging to the only One who can know another person's heart. - Author: Toni Sorenson
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#2. And she refused to go to that miserable place he had dragged her to so many times, to hope for a thing that was unchangeable. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
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#3. France needs to improve training and education and the level of skills of its workforce. - Author: Francois Hollande
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#4. The new experience that has replaced dignified suffering is artificially prolonged, opaque, depersonalized maintenance. - Author: Ivan Illich
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#5. Keep the things that add value to your life. If the item does not add value to your life, it is just clutter and needs to be cleared from your space. - Author: Dub Haynes
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#6. Good translations are one of the vital necessities of our time. - Author: Lucas Leiva
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#7. Another air traffic controller fell asleep on the job, but he had a good excuse. He was watching President Obama's deficit speech. - Author: Jay Leno
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#8. The calm before the storm that might carry us all before it. - Author: Cameron Dokey
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#9. 'Why are you yelling at the television when you know they cannot hear you?'

'You wouldn't understand,' said Asher, his gaze locked on the screen. 'It's a human thing.' - Author: Rowan McBride
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#10. But that in and of itself this past year was not a factor in what I did for the national team every time I stepped out there, or in training, or when I stepped out there in the WUSA. - Author: Tiffeny Milbrett
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#11. AMISSION (AMI'SSION) n.s.[amissio, Lat.]Loss. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#12. Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit. - Author: George Santayana
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#13. The whole point of justice consists precisely in our providing for others through humanity what we provide for our own family through affection. - Author: Lactantius
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