Top 24 Long Walks Beach Quotes

#1. I love going to the cinema, listening to music, yoga and long walks along Holkham beach in Norfolk.

Saffron Aldridge

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#2. I spent the morning as the ceiling in the warlocks' tent. Found out that the hobbies of Those Best Forgotten include long walks on the beach and sacrificing nymphs on altars. I mean, who'd want to hurt a nymph? That's like kicking a rainbow in the nuts.

Kresley Cole

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#3. All right," he said. "My name is Oswaldo Alexander Romero, I was born right here in Virginia, and I like romantic comedies, books about sparkling vampires, and long walks on the beach.

Jon S. Lewis

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#4. Even so, in the midst of this complicated love, there is a holy union.

Lorna Jane Cook

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#5. The heart lies and the head plays tricks on us, but the eyes see true. Look with your eyes. Hear with your ears. Taste with your mouth. Smell with your nose. Feel with your skin. Then comes the thinking, afterward, and in a way knowing the truth.

George R R Martin

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#6. Come not within the measure of my wrath.

William Shakespeare

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#7. The novel puts an ad in the personals:
Serial monogamist seeks same.
6x9, 220 pages. Hobbies: candlelit
tension, tasteful gore. Weakness:
occasional flashbacks. Enjoys long
walks on the beach to search for
bodies washing up on shore.

Erin Murphy

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#8. I love long walks on the beach, big dicks and fried chicken.


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#9. I don't like ten dollar words. Anybody can do anything with a thesaurus. Make me feel a certain way with the least amount of words possible and I respect that.

Rude Jude

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#10. So, I'm a Leo," she began. "I like long walks on the beach, chick flicks, and I have a five-year plan." She saw Carla and Ruby share a confused look. "Do you have a five-year plan, Nathan? I can't date a guy without a five-year plan."
"Are you high?" he asked.

Elena Kincaid

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#11. level was at their necks. It looked like

Chris Cocks

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#12. The educated can listen impassively to almost anything.

Mason Cooley

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#13. He had not the benefit of existentialist terminology; but what he felt was a very clear case of the anxiety of freedom - that is, the realization that one is free and the realization that being free is a situation of terror

John Fowles

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#14. Long walks on the beach are the supposed holy grail of a romantic evening. The beach becomes a kind of utopia - the place where all our dreams come true.

Roxane Gay

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#15. I'm a Cancer; I'm music-passionate. I like long walks on the beach.

Will Ferrell

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#16. Live a little. Laugh a little. Love a little. Happiness will find you in a big way.

Ernie J Zelinski

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#17. I love vengeance like normal people love sunsets and long walks on the beach. I eat vengeance with a spoon like it's honey. In fact, I may not even be a real person, but just a vow of vengeance made flesh.

Laini Taylor

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#18. We must seek the truth, not revenge." -Michelle

Lydhia Marie

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#19. New York was at the forefront of rap, so because of all the great people who have gone before me, being a rapper from Queens, I have to live up to those standards. I'm basically just a regular guy who says what he feels and likes to joke. I like long walks on the beach ... and I love rap.

Action Bronson

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#20. I like to take long naps. I like long walks on the beach. The perfect day is back home, California, going to the beach with a couple of friends, laying out in the sunshine, get a nice bronze.

Keaton Stromberg

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#21. If the speed of an aero equals zero, the aero is motionless; if human liberty is equal to zero, man does not commit any crime. That is clear. The way to rid man of criminality is to rid him of freedom.

Yevgeny Zamyatin

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#22. Men must be stripped of arrogance and women must become independent for any mutually nurturing alliance to endure between the sexes.

Erica Jong

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#23. ...I lived for those long casual walks down the beach and the sight of her small footprints in the glistening wet sand...

Pat Conroy

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#24. Unless it's a dead-straight short putt, you should focus on a spot somewhere along the line you want to roll the ball on.

Ernie Els

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