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#1. When you no longer need approval from others like the air you breathe, the possibilities in life are endless.
What an interesting little prison we build from the
invisible bricks of other people's opinions.

Jacob Nordby

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#2. What?" he said. "What? What? What?" "Master, you're walking on the water," said Peter. "I just ate," Joshua said. "You can't go into the water for an hour after you eat. You could get a cramp. What, none of you guys have mothers?

Christopher Moore

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#3. Maybe I'd die. Maybe I'd burn to ash in wind, or blacken like the pines. Charred skeletons, I'd add one to the count. I didn't feel scared. I didn't think to panic. The trail wasn't burning. I was raw, ripe for loving. I wasn't stopping.

Aspen Matis

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#4. One day the grandmother presented the little girl with a red velvet riding hood; and as it fitted her very well, she would never wear anything else; and so she was called Little Red Riding Hood.

Jacob Grimm

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#5. That's the problem with the world," he said. "You save it today, and tomorrow it's gone and gotten itself into trouble all over again. It's like a Kardashian.

Lou Berney

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#6. I like that there's very little mystery in how the artwork is actually made. It's the labor and the focus and the precision that drives it to the next level.

Jacob Hashimoto

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#7. Both dogs and people are nicer after hitting bottom.

Erica Jong

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#8. If, like Jacob, you trust God in little things, He may answer you by great things.

John Ross Macduff

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#9. Junior was being chided for his low grades. Little Robert, who lived a few doors away, was held up as an example. "Robert doesn't get C's and D's does he?" asked his father. "No," Junior admitted, "but he's different. He has very bright parents".

Jacob Braude

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#10. The voice of Jacob will do a little good if the hands be the hands of Essau.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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#11. Jacob cut his gaze to me. I wasn't quiet sure how to convey, /I know we hate him, but based on the circumstances, it was the most logical thing to do/, with a nonverbal signal. I widened my eyes a little.

Jordan Castillo Price

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#12. My eighth-grade year, I was home-schooled. I'd basically wake up, go to the gym in the morning, do a little bit of school, go to practice, do a little more school, then go back to practice. My mom had a crockpot and a mini traveling oven, so we'd be cooking and eating dinners at the gym.

Jacob Dalton

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#13. Even the kits were affected, boldly playing at rat attacks during the day, but scurrying back to the nursery at any unexpected noise. But

Erin Hunter

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#14. Will isn't my little bastard assistant. Will is Pellinore Warthrop's little bastard assistant.

Rick Yancey

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#15. Maybe she was a little dark but she sort of sparkled with it.
Jacob about Muse

Z.A. Maxfield

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#16. I am the god of being messy - I'm trying to get better. I was terrible in my 20s. My kids are much tidier than I am, I don't know where they get it from, maybe their mother.

Kevin McKidd

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#17. Will you hold you tongue!' screamed the cat. 'Another word, and I devour you too!' And the poor little mouse, having "All-gone" on her tongue, out it came, and the cat leaped upon her and made an end of her. And that is the way of the world.

Jacob Grimm

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#18. Don't pretend to know what I'm thinking based on your experiences

Kasie West

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#19. I'm afraid of the dark because I picture things; I see things. I'm a freak. I see, like, little demons coming out of the floor and other little things running around. It's scary.

Jacob Whitesides

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#20. You always want to see people who are just like a little outside of the box. Maybe making mistakes sometimes. Not taking something that's straight off the runway, but mixing and matching things. Old and new.

Jacob Hashimoto

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#21. Jacob's little smirk became a full-blown grin, and I knew he was picturing Charlie showing up to arrest him. This grin was too bitter, too full of mocking to satisfy me. This wasn't the smile I'd been waiting to see.

Stephenie Meyer

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#22. Finishing is torture ... There's always some newly seen flaw. But the little glimpses of beauty between the anxiety make it worth it.

Jacob Collins

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#23. It is proved by surveys that happiness does not come from love, wealth, or power but the pursuit of attainable goals.

Helen Fielding

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#24. Wonder. At last one took the other aside, and said, 'That little urchin

Jacob Grimm

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#25. Money is a product of time

Sunday Adelaja

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#26. Did you guys have sex?" Jacob grasped my shoulders, giving me a little shake. "Oh my God, girl, details - I need details. What is the size of his-?" "We didn't have sex." I smacked his hands away.

J. Lynn

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#27. The hardest thing for me is crying. Where I'm from, it's been instilled in me since I was little that men don't cry. Thank God for teardrops and menthol.

Jacob Lofland

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#28. Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.

Jacob M. Braude

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#29. The bad things you can see with one eye closed. But keep both eyes wide open for the little things. Little things mark the great dividing line between success and failure.

Jacob Braude

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#30. Michael had slipped beyond the crest of the dune. Jacob was lying flat out now, on his stomach, his little men all before him, and Annie had followed her single soldier up the dune to a grassy patch where the wind whipped her dark hair and the blowing sand made her squint, even

Alice McDermott

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#31. Baseball is a little bigger gamble than most, and the stakes are pretty high.

Jacob Ruppert

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#32. Marriage couple represent one heavenly being.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#33. When I got Jacob's Latter, I was nervous because I felt I wasn't allowed to fail. I felt that they were waiting for one little failure and that would prove them right and I'd be, 'out of there.'

Elizabeth Pena

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#34. What a stroke of luck, that the woman he loves is also his wife.

Ian McEwan

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#35. If machines do everything well, including allocating capital and resources efficiently, can that be deflationary, can that eliminate poverty? I don't know. It's hard to be very optimistic if you look at how humans have behaved historically.

Stanley Druckenmiller

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#36. Hansel took his little sister by the hand, and followed the pebbles which shone like newly-coined silver pieces, and showed them the way.

Jacob Grimm

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#37. Much as constitutional guarantees of press freedom do little good for prospective publishers if they do not have access to paper or ink, the right to aid in dying is strikingly useless if nobody is willing to help.

Jacob M. Appel

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#38. I read a lot - and I read a variety of genres.

Nora Roberts

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#39. ...the ravenous monsters men called reporters; sub-human vermin who feed off misery and created it wherever they went.

Christopher G. Nuttall

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