Top 6 Lithuanian Love Quotes

#1. The immigration issue is a gateway issue for Hispanics, no doubt about it.

Marco Rubio

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#2. I don't believe I'll ever get credit for anything I do in foreign affairs, no matter how successful it is, because I didn't go to Harvard.

Lyndon B. Johnson

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#3. Horror in your country is something you take a dose of to remind yourself that you are not suffering from it.

Chris Cleave

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#4. There is nothing in our experience, however trivial, worldly, or even evil, which cannot be thought about christianly.

Harry Blamires

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#5. The cause of all human evils is the not being able to apply general principles to special cases.


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#6. When I was younger, I actually wanted to be in the spotlight. To have people want me, want to have a piece of me.

Jane Lynch

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