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Top 12 Lisa Macuja Quotes

#1. I'm happier in the way a guy gets happier when he starts to mature. It doesn't make things easier, but I'm so much better at handling them. - Author: Dave Chappelle
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#2. I'm fundamentally not interested in the Fortune 500 companies - in US, Mexico, anywhere. The real backbones of economic growth are small and medium businesses. - Author: Tom Peters
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#3. When a man doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fear', that might just be a deficiency in his education. - Author: Mark Steyn
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#4. In Hollywood, a starlet is the name for any woman under thirty who is not actively employed in a brothel. - Author: Ben Hecht
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#5. Spirituality is a flower with a thousand petals: every act, every thought, every talk, every movement of our heart is a part of it. - Author: Robert Muller
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#6. ... Elinor was then at liberty to think and be wretched. - Author: Jane Austen
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#7. To be a Marxist does not mean that one becomes a Communist party member. There are as many varieties of Marxists as there are of Protestants. - Author: Helen Foster Snow
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#8. Given an opportunity I would like to sleep 24X7 for the rest of my life after death. - Author: Amit Abraham
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#9. I like contrasting between black and white and color. - Author: Robert Barry
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#10. Some fathers give you life. Some show you how to live it. Thank you for showing me how to live mine. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#11. Stars should not be seen alone. That's why there are so many. Two people should stand together and look at them. One person alone will surely miss the good ones. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#12. Those Mennonite villages in Russia are my heritage, but not my world. The world I feel and sense in my bones is the bush of northern Saskatchewan, of prairie Canada. - Author: Rudy Wiebe
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