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#1. We are underbred and low-lived and illiterate; and in this respect I confess I do not make any very broad distinction between the illiterateness of my townsmen who cannot read at all, and the illiterateness of him who has learned to read only what is for children and feeble intellects. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#2. While Dmitri, as the leader of Raphael's Seven, could not accept such a weakness, the mortal he'd once been, the one who had loved a woman with a wide mouth and eyes of slanted brown ... that man understood what it was to love so deeply it was a kind of beautiful madness. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#3. Intimacy requires a slow, cumulative build of safety between people who agree to a relationship, an ongoing connection of care and concern. The performance of pain is essentially a form of bonding over trauma, and people can get addicted to their endorphins. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#4. The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear - Author: Ines De La Fressange
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#5. I started out doing music videos and photography, and I always loved writing. - Author: Brendan Fletcher
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#6. Tits are inconsequential, but someone pass me that kitten - Author: Lierre Keith
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#7. Understand: the task of an activist is not to negotiate systems of power with as much personal integrity as possible
it's to dismantle those systems. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#8. I want my life to be a battle cry, a war zone, an arrow pointed and loosed into the heart of domination: patriarchy, imperialism, industrialization, every system of power and sadism. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#9. Meanwhile, every eighteen seconds a man beats a woman, every three minutes a man rapes a woman, and every day two men will murder women. And that's just in the United States. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#10. This is the moment when we have to decide: does a world exist outside ourselves and is that world worth fighting for? Another 200 species went extinct today. They were my kin. They were yours, too. If we know them as such, why aren't we fighting to save them with everything we've got? - Author: Lierre Keith
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#11. It's time to put away our fairytales, all of them, and assume our responsibilities, the adult responsibilities that begin with adult knowledge. Our planet needs us. She needs us to think like healers and act like warriors. And if you think that's a contradiction, then get out of the way. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#12. Love is a verb. We have to let our love call us to action. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#13. For those of us who can't be active on the front lines - and this will be most of us - our job is to create a culture that will encourage and promote political resistance. The main tasks will be loyalty and material support. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#14. We have to work together to do a better job than we did in the last few generations. - Author: Walter Munk
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#15. What's looming in the shadows of our ignorance and denial is a critique of civilization itself. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#16. Do we want to feel better or do we want to be effective? Are we sentimentalists or are we warriors? - Author: Lierre Keith
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#17. Youth is Gilead, in which is balm for every wound. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#18. One group of people that get a lot of PTSD are soldiers who have been in combat. You know who gets more PTSD, has higher rates of PTSD? Women who have escaped prostitution. That tells me that the war that men wage against women is actually worse than the wars they wage against each other. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#19. The further humans move from hunters to horticulturists to agriculturists to urbanisation to industrialists, the further the sacred recedes, first to heaven, then condensed to monotheism and finally it dies in irony. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#20. Plants have to eat, too," I tried to explain. "They need nitrogen, they need minerals. You have to replace what you're taking out. Your choices are fossil fuels or animal products. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#21. Our best hope will never lie in individual survivalism. Nor does it lie in small groups doing their best to prepare for the worst. Our best and only hope is a resistance movement that is willing to face the scale of the horrors, gather our forces, and fight like hell for all we hold dear. - Author: Lierre Keith
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#22. Dr. Steven Bratman has coined the term orthorexia nervosa, a pathological fixation on eating proper food. - Author: Lierre Keith
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