Top 15 Leukemia Survivor Quotes

#1. I'm a leukemia survivor, and I recall during my darkest days in the hospital when my friends would come to see me, especially the male friends - they had certain mortality issues with their visit.

Lew Temple

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#2. I like writing, but I write for self-improvement more than I do for money.

Thomas Steinbeck

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#3. We used to be so proud that our country offered far more economic opportunities than the feudal system in Great Britain, with its royal family, princesses and dukes. But social mobility in the UK is higher than in the US. Our social rift is as big as it was in the 1920s.

Robert Reich

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#4. Be patient with those who can't see your vision, because sometimes it takes time for eyes to adjust to the light.

Curtis Tyrone Jones

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#5. I'm absolutely confident that everybody that's been put to death is two things: One, they're guilty of the crime charged, and, secondly, they had full access to our courts, both state and federal.

George W. Bush

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#6. The beauty behind killing someone who no one thinks you're willing to kill is, of course, that you throw people out of their comfort zone. And that's good because you want people to be on the edge of their seats.

Michael Loceff

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#7. It is torment to be segregated out because of some bit of clothing that you're wearing.

Alan Sugar

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#8. Being out and about talking to residents and representing their views is, in my view, as important to politics as the grandstanding that takes place in Westminster.

Lucy Powell

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#9. I've turned down twentysomething million dollars for movies.

Vin Diesel

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#10. Happiness is not a house where you can live. (But it is a house you can build.)

Joey Comeau

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#11. I like to be alone and listen to music. Every match I play, I have a tune in my head over and over. It might only be a few words or a small piece of the tune, but it can drive you mad.

Ana Ivanovic

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#12. I am not an enemy of Adventism.

Walter Martin

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#13. They would owe most of their success to a curious rape mania that rides on the shoulder of American journalism like some jeering, masturbating raven.
Nothing grabs an editor's eye like a good rape.

Hunter S. Thompson

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#14. Well, what now? You have no job. I have no job. Wanna play Jenga?

Maureen Johnson

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#15. Himmler announced today that a Polish farm labourer had been hanged for sleeping with a German woman. No race pollution is to be permitted. Another

William L. Shirer

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