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#1. I was, as a kid, really obsessed with reading ... that was about as geeky as you could possibly get. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#2. Colin leaned forward. I really did not want to leave my wife. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#3. The extreme geniality of San Francisco's economic, intellectual and political climate makes it the most varied and challenging city in the United States. - Author: James A. Michener
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#4. If the president is going to use so much language of theology and the Bible, then let's use that language for a serious discussion about the war in Iraq. And that was never done. - Author: Jim Wallis
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#5. I had learned that science is a rewarding, active process of discovery, not the passive absorption of what others had discovered. - Author: Harold E. Varmus
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#6. We're going through this super-uptight era, which I think comes entirely from literacy, actually. It's the result of machines that were designed as word processors being used for making music. - Author: Brian Eno
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#7. I am the Colombus of this nether world!
Dr. Leidenbrock - Author: Jules Verne
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#8. I suppose you could switch grammars once you've seen 'use strict subs'. - Author: Larry Wall
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#9. Don't retreat. Instead - reload! - Author: Sarah Palin
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#10. The fashions we call English in Paris are French in London, and vice versa. Franco-British hostility vanishes when it comes to questions of words and clothing. God save the King is a tune composed by Lully for a chorus in a play by Racine. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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