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Top 100 Learnt Quotes

#1. 'Dignity of Labour' is a subject to be learnt from Australia! - Author: Narendra Modi
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#2. And now she had learnt that not only to will, but also to pray, was a necessary condition in the truly heroic. - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
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#3. Life cannot be exchange for anything. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#4. I had learnt to find out the better side of human nature and to enter men's hearts. I realised that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties riven asunder. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#5. I have learnt from the politics of my great country, Nigeria that there is nothing wrong with the heads of states, but there is something wrong with the state of the heads. - Author: Ogwo David Emenike
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#6. I learnt that no matter what names they give you, nothing applies until you wish it to. No insult, no barb yours to bear unless you want it to. Use it, if you want. Make it into a weapon and let it boomerang back to those who uttered it. Just don't let it overpower your life. - Author: Sweety Shinde
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#7. I learnt an enormous amount, but there came a point where I found there was too much stress. It was no fun any more. Outside of the chessboard I avoid conflict, so I thought this wasn't worth it. - Author: Magnus Carlsen
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#8. What cannot be learnt through education, training, and observation is learnt by experience;and learning through experience is the hardest and the best.For, experience is not inherited; earned. - Author: Doctor Kesi
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#9. I learnt not to be desperate in bad times, and I am learning not to be bullish when times are good. - Author: John Elkann
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#10. I'm a total technophobe. What is wrong with paper and pen? I was delighted when I learnt the word 'Luddite,' as I thought it described me perfectly. - Author: Jasmine Guinness
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#11. It was with some difficulty that I got through the multiplication tables. The fact that I recollect nothing more of those days than having learnt, in company with other boys, to call our teacher all kinds of names, would strongly suggest that my intellect must have been sluggish, and my memory raw. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#12. I always wanted to be normal. I tried really hard, but it's like I try so hard and then people still say I'm offbeat. I've learnt to accept that and take advantage of it as an actor. - Author: Zooey Deschanel
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#13. Meditation is not a process of learning how to meditate; it is the very inquiry into what is meditation. To inquire into what is meditation, the mind must free itself from what it has learnt about meditation, and the freeing of the mind from what it has learnt is the beginning of meditation. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#14. And even though we have read all the arguments of Plato and Aristotle, we shall never become philosophers if we are unable to make a sound judgement on matters which come up for discussion; in this case what we would seem to have learnt would not be science but history. - Author: Rene Descartes
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#15. A man can't pass on, like a mother could, an awareness of your body, or sensuality, or what it means to be a woman. I was never taught what femininity was. I learnt it - or rather I invented it - on my own. I tended not to talk at all, if people were staring at me. - Author: Carole Bouquet
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#16. There certainly does seem a possibility that the detective story will come to an end, simply because the public will have learnt all the tricks. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
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#17. May you occupy your mind with positive words. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#18. The music I want to hear in my head sounds somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and Massive Attack. It's not really like my dad, but there will always be similarities because we have the same vocal cords, and I learnt the guitar the way he taught me. - Author: Dhani Harrison
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#19. When I was a kid, it was thought I would do something in the visual arts because I was always drawing, but when we emigrated to Australia from Holland when I was seven, I learnt the English language, and I fell in love with it. - Author: Michel Faber
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#20. The power of the Latin classic is in character , that of the Greek is in beauty . Now character is capable of being taught, learnt, and assimilated: beauty hardly. - Author: Matthew Arnold
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#21. New York has never learnt the art of growing old by playing on all its pasts. Its present invents itself, from hour to hour, in the act of throwing away its previous accomplishments and challenging the future. A city composed of paroxysmal places in monumental reliefs. - Author: Michel De Certeau
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#22. The practice of truth and nonviolence melted religious differences, and we learnt to see beauty in each religion. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#23. Our human compassion binds us the one to the other - not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future. -Nelson Mandela - Author: Michael Gallegos Borresen
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#24. I am less blindly confident than I once was, for I have been learning a truer estimate of myself, my failings and limitations, in these dark days. I have learnt to hope that if there be a Judgment Day of some kind, God will not see us with our own eyes, nor judge us as we judge ourselves. - Author: Vera Brittain
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#25. It's true that journalism in reality is not the journalism that we learnt in the university. It is far from it. - Author: Nilantha Ilangamuwa
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#26. If you don't make your choices, others will choose for you. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#27. Life is inter-dependence and co-dependence. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#28. One thing I've learnt recently is that blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter. - Author: Zoe Sugg
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#29. I must be informed, that one of my great duties was, to obey the priests in all things; and this I soon learnt, to my utter astonishment and horror, was to live in the practice of criminal intercourse with them. - Author: Maria Monk
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#30. The man who discovers a new scientific truth has previously had to smash to atoms almost everything he had learnt, and arrives at the new truth with hands blood stained from the slaughter of a thousand platitudes. - Author: Jose Ortega Y Gasset
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#31. Only a self-learnt man can teach others - Author: Girish Kohli
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#32. Instant telecommunication allows better and updated information, lessons learnt and problems encountered to be exchanged and debated, it alerts us more quickly to problems and brings to many households around the world visions and information which hopefully spur us to action. - Author: Carol Bellamy
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#33. Since the middle of the 20th century, more has been learnt about the ocean than during all preceding human history; at the same time, more has been lost. - Author: Sylvia Earle
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#34. You don't ask nobody to give what they can't give, or be what they can't be. You've learnt that, you got a headstart on heartbreak. - Author: Jack Farris
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#35. Positive energy, positive actions. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#36. God loves our attention, sometimes adversity is away to draw us closer to Him. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#37. Yet higher religion, which is only a search for a larger life, is essentially experience and recognized the necessity of experience as its foundation long before science learnt to do so. - Author: Muhammad Iqbal
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#38. How can any one paint who cannot grade colors? How can any one write poetry who has not learnt to hear and see? - Author: Maria Montessori
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#39. I have learnt that there are kind wonderful people in every country in the world - Author: Connie Talbot
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#40. I've learnt that eyes don't change. No matter how old or beat up you get, your eyes stay the same. - Author: Eloise Dyson
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#41. May every living soul know eternal rest exist. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#42. Giving up is not an option. It is the biggest mistake one can make and there's nothing to be learnt from it - Author: Lyrikal
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#43. I gave up caring about anything, and all the problems disappeared. And it was after that that I found out the truth . I learnt the truth last November on the third of November, to be precise and I remember every instant since. - Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky
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#44. I had learnt to love Mr. Rochester: I could not unlove him now, merely because I found that he had ceased to notice - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#45. To her whose heart is my heart's quiet home,
To my first Love, my Mother, on whose knee
I learnt love-lore that is not troublesome. - Author: Christina Rossetti
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#46. A great deal of the pupils time was spent going through, once again, the History of the Communist (Bolshevik) Party of the Soviet Union. He had learnt it at elementary school; at secondary school; at his sports club; at the Komsomol; at the university; at a folk dancing course; at the chess-club. - Author: George Mikes
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#47. Failure is inevitable. It teaches us things about ourselves that we could have learnt any other way. - Author: Abdulazeez Henry Musa
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#48. I learnt from Flo how to be mother. Flo was patient, tolerant. She was supportive. She was always there. She was playful. She enjoyed having her babies, as good mothers do. - Author: Jane Goodall
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#49. Humility is a teacher of itself. It is learnt by means of its practise. - Author: Idries Shah
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#50. It is only kindness and love, which can change the human heart. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#51. And I learnt five new languages in the last three years"

"Only if you could for once understand the language of my eyes. - Author: Sapan Saxena
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#52. Theatre was an art form that I didn't really respect, and because I wanted to shake it up and do different things on stage, I was able to combine all the things I'd learnt through writing on my own. - Author: Martin McDonagh
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#53. We need money for daily living and upkeep. But money isn't everything. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#54. I've learnt that through life you just get on with it. You're going to meet a lot of dishonest people along the line and you say good luck to them. I hope they live in comfort. Then I start sticking more pins in their effigies. - Author: Roger Moore
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#55. I know as well as thee that I am no poet born
It is a trade, I never learnt nor indeed could learn
If I make verses-'tis in spite
Of nature and my stars I write. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#56. When I left, I had learnt nothing. I took nothing with me. At least, that's what I thought then. - Author: Carmen Laforet
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#57. Today we have made a fetish of choice; but a chosen death is forbidden. Perhaps what distinguishes humans from other animals is that humans have learnt to cling more abjectly to life. - Author: John N. Gray
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#58. It is as though we have grown wings, which thanks to Providence, we have learnt to control. - Author: Louis Bleriot
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#59. What I have learnt is that it is important to pursue your passion more than your legacy; if you have a passion with a purpose, then everything else fits in. - Author: Nita Ambani
Learnt Quotes #154778
#60. If you want money, you must work to earn it. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Learnt Quotes #163248
#61. Let memories of your own hometown flow back to you as you read this fascinating story, "A Place called Gouyave," about the author's recollection of the characters, stories and the lessons learnt in his hometown during his youth on the Caribbean island of Grenada. - Author: Collis Decoteau
Learnt Quotes #168088
#62. The glorious light is sunshine. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Learnt Quotes #169447
#63. I would alter nothing of the journey made for it is in this road travelled that the sweetest of lessons are learnt. - Author: Truth Devour
Learnt Quotes #176242
#64. I was flying to the Maldives in 2000 when the plane went through turbulence - after that, I didn't fly for four years. Then a job came up in India, so I did a simulator flight and learnt about what goes on in the cockpit. I'm fine now. - Author: Paul Merton
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#65. I learnt a lot from my Broadway experience, it was one of the most challenging things I will probably ever have to do in my entire life, because it was eight shows a week - live singing with really hard choreography - and the spontaneity, you don't know what's going to happen. - Author: Ariana Grande
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#66. The chief lesson to be learnt from it is the futility of all argumentation that precedes understanding. We cannot profitably attack any opinion until we have discovered what it expresses as well as what it states. - Author: Ivor A. Richards
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#67. I think I've learnt that there is no character so strange that you haven't shared their experience in some small way. - Author: Mark Haddon
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#68. We have learnt through experience that when an electrical ray strikes the surface of an atom, an electron, and in some circumstances a second and even a third electron, can be detached. - Author: Johannes Stark
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#69. There, he had learnt to distinguish between the steadiness of principle and the obstinacy of self-will, between the darings of heedlessness and the resolution of a collected mind. - Author: Jane Austen
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#70. If we all learnt cat-speak, we would often find they are saying, "You stupid human, I am trying to tell you something important right now! - Author: Leah Broadby
Learnt Quotes #193684
#71. You know, one of the things I've learnt since coming out of office is how much easier it is to give the advice than take the decision. I mean, you know, it's tough. - Author: Tony Blair
Learnt Quotes #196030
#72. Self care is a sacred-self love. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Learnt Quotes #206456
#73. I've learnt that there's acting for film, acting for theatre, and acting for an audition. - Author: Sarah Snook
Learnt Quotes #207366
#74. Falling in love is a beautiful wonder. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#75. Music is breath of life. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#76. I hope I'll consider my next part, having learnt from this one. - Author: Charlotte Gainsbourg
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#77. Lesson after lesson, that's Deeper Level... if you can amplified it... apply it... and to recall it... you have successful learnt it. - Author: Deyth Banger
Learnt Quotes #221576
#78. I used to not listen that much, but I've really learnt to listen to other people and to really listen to what they're saying. I've found, especially being on a film set, people have so many different stories; if you just listen, you can pick up so much stuff. I try to listen as much as I can. - Author: William Moseley
Learnt Quotes #224187
#79. I learnt to stop fantasising about the perfect job or the perfect relationship because that can actually be an excuse for not living. - Author: Alain De Botton
Learnt Quotes #224627
#80. You have learnt something. That always feels at first as if you have lost something. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Learnt Quotes #225523
#81. If you have not learnt anything, but have learnt one thing that the Goal of life is to be Happy, you have learnt everything!-RVM - Author: R.v.m.
Learnt Quotes #226373
#82. Life was full of adventure: I learnt the smell of danger - I've got a sixth sense for it now. We're homesick for it, some of us; it's called the 'Afghan syndrome'. - Author: Svetlana Alexievich
Learnt Quotes #227566
#83. Trust is needed before lessons can be learnt. - Author: Idries Shah
Learnt Quotes #228424
#84. Petty unselfishness," she repeated. "I had got an idea that every one here spent their lives in making little sacrifices for objects they didn't care for, to please people they didn't love; that they never learnt to be sincere - and, what's as bad, never learnt how to enjoy themselves. - Author: E. M. Forster
Learnt Quotes #228463
#85. I've learnt something more. The expectation of a body can last as long as any hope. Like mine expecting yours. As soon as they gave you two life sentences, I stopped believing in their time. - Author: John Berger
Learnt Quotes #236391
#86. My father was in the army, and there wasn't too much money. Yet, we learnt to enjoy the small pleasures of life, to look at the positives. - Author: Suresh Raina
Learnt Quotes #239779
#87. Every new morning brings new freshness and new renewal. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Learnt Quotes #241469
#88. She had learnt long ago that common sense, intelligence, good-nature, and strength of character were unimportant in comparison with a pretty face. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Learnt Quotes #243122
#89. Collin Jackson was a little before my time and he was a really good athlete. I've raced with him, but he's now retired. He's a really good role model and someone that I've learnt a lot from. - Author: Liu Xiang
Learnt Quotes #243563
#90. I learnt how to hunt rattlesnakes with an eagle for 'Serena.' - Author: Ron Rash
Learnt Quotes #244271
#91. My feeling is that writing is, for me, a pathological condition. That could sound like a mystical experience, and it may be a mystical experience, but I have learnt just to go with it. - Author: Alan Garner
Learnt Quotes #244634
#92. Growing up in a business-orientated family meant that I naturally learnt the tricks of the trade. - Author: Anne Robinson
Learnt Quotes #244777
#93. Unexpected gifts were better accepted when they were presented by total strangers, I had learnt. - Author: Vann Chow
Learnt Quotes #252580
#94. A foreign swear-word is practically inoffensive except to the person who has learnt it early in life and knows its social limits. - Author: Paul Theroux
Learnt Quotes #255432
#95. He had learnt how to feign pleasure in a state of pain; how to feign a rosy picture if there was a gloomy affair; how to feign profits when there were losses. And the art of feigning benefited him in his life, at least in business... - Author: Girdhar Joshi
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#96. When I worked with wildlife a lot in the Eighties and Nineties, I learnt the meaning of patience. And when I worked with trees, I learned the meaning of humility. - Author: James Balog
Learnt Quotes #258073
#97. One thing I learnt early on my career is that personal gratification takes second place. - Author: Brian O'Driscoll
Learnt Quotes #265002
#98. Long before I was a writer, when I was just a haphazard reader and a dreamer of stories, I learnt about an influential book by Harold Bloom. 'The Anxiety of Influence', published in 1973 when I was five years old, is taken up with the terrifying influence of poets on each other. - Author: Andrew O'Hagan
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#99. Hardboiled crime fiction came of age in 'Black Mask' magazine during the Twenties and Thirties. Writers like Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler learnt their craft and developed a distinct literary style and attitude toward the modern world. - Author: Charles Frazier
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#100. Now that I am an adult, I'm very comfortable in my own skin. I'm a lot more settled down and I learnt to just be comfortable with where I'm at, rather than always wanting to be somewhere ahead of where I am. - Author: Brooke Fraser
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