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#1. Leaders are made through discipline, training, experience, failure, and the desire to continually improve. - Author: Bradford Winters
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#2. Leaders are not born or made - they are self made - Author: Stephen Covey
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#3. Leaders are not born, they're made. - Author: Vince Lombardi
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#4. Hail to the man who went through life always helping others, knowing no fear, and to whom aggressiveness and resentment are alien. Such is the stuff of which the great moral leaders are made. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#5. There was reference made to our leaders being stupid. It's not a question of stupidity. It's that they don't want to enforce the immigration laws. That there are far too many in the Washington cartel that support amnesty. - Author: Ted Cruz
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#6. MAHARAJA-Leaders are not born but are made with ultimate qualities of courage, wisdom, sacrifice and benevolence. - Author: Bhargava Kodavanti
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#7. A few years ago the idea that extreme poverty was harmful was on the fringes of the economic and political debate. But having made the case we are now seeing an emerging consensus among business leaders, economic leaders, political leaders and even faith leaders. - Author: Winnie Byanyima
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#8. DOOR MONEY" To focus on door money means one is paying so much attention to the amount of money they are making at the door they do not consider there is much more profit to be made inside a venue. - Author: Carlos Wallace
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#9. Unless they're utterly heartless, people put a certain value on human life. It keeps us from killing each other off for no reason. But for leaders like you and me, a moral high ground is too absolute. There are choices to be made. - Author: Amanda Bouchet
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#10. It became my mission to work with young people to help show them the way, not save them! But help them understand that there are choices that can be made that will make the difference for the rest of their lives. - Author: Jose A. Aviles
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#11. Leaders are made one response at a time. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#12. Leaders aren't born, they are made. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal which is worthwhile. - Author: Vince Lombardi Jr.
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#13. Most pastors railing against gay marriage have never cried out on racism, any type of injustice or police brutality. They've never once made a statement about health care. Many of them are silent on community issues. They are very silent, but they have become the leaders of this particular movement. - Author: Otis Moss III
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#14. Spiritual leaders are not made by man, nor any combination of men. Neither conferences, nor synods, nor councils can make them, but only God. - Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
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#15. Leaders being born vs. made is a bit of a separate issue. The research on this issue is fairly conclusive: 50/50. We have innate predispositions that affect who we are and what we do (nature) but we can learn and develop and grow (nurture). - Author: Dave Ulrich
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#16. Leaders are not born, but made as a result of hard work - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#17. Great leaders, the research shows, are made as they gradually acquire, in the course of their lives and careers, the competencies that make them so effective. The competencies can be learned by any leader, at any point. - Author: Daniel Goleman
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#18. Effective leaders are made, not born. They learn from trial and error, and from experience. - Author: Colin Powell
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#19. Leaders aren't born they are made. - Author: Vince Lombardi
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#20. We need to expose the motives of our political leaders, point out their connections to corporate power, show how huge profits are being made out of death and suffering. - Author: Howard Zinn
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#21. Styles are tailor made to different situations. Different leaders must have their own styles and these styles must be able to adapt to different people and situations. - Author: John Ng
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#22. Leaders are made by the situations they are involved in. I think that some rise to the occasion and some do not. - Author: Madeleine Albright
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#23. Whether important policy decisions are made at Bohemian Grove or not,
it is at the very least disturbing to know that our leaders are gathering together
to worship a massive owl, dress in robes, and recite occult incantations. - Author: Donald Jeffries
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#24. Leaders aren't born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal. - Author: Vince Lombardi
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#25. Facts are subversive. Subversive of the claims made by democratically elected leaders as well as dictators, by biographers and autobiographers, spies and heroes, torturers and post-modernists. Subversive of lies, half-truths, myths; of all those easy speeches that comfort cruel men. - Author: Timothy Garton Ash
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#26. It is said that great leaders are born, not made. The saying is true to this degree, that no man can persuade people to do what he wants them to do, unless he genuinely likes people, and believes that what he wants them to do is to their own advantage. - Author: Bruce Barton
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#27. Our government leaders ... have made many mistakes in the past when they have lost sight of the sacred American values rooted in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We are at the brink of even graver mistakes and assaults on these values. - Author: Samuel Dash
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#28. Leaders grow; they are not made. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#29. Military leaders aren't made. They are born. To be a good leader, you have to have something in your character to cause people to follow you. - Author: Jimmy Johnson
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#30. Leaders are made, they are not born - Author: Vince Lombardi
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#31. Leaders are made, not born. You learn to become a leader by doing what other excellent leaders have done before you. You become proficient in your job or skill, and then you become proficient at understanding the motivations and behaviors of other people. - Author: Brian Tracy
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#32. Defeat in itself was part and parcel of the great gambling game of politics. A man who could not accept it and try again was not of the stuff of which leaders are made. - Author: Agnes Sligh Turnbull
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#33. When Simplicity is broken up, it is made into instruments. Evolved individuals who employ them, are made into leaders. In this way, the Great System is United. - Author: Laozi
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#34. The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That's nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders
are made rather than born. - Author: Warren G. Bennis
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#35. One of the landmines that church planters never dodge is the landmine
of leadership development. I will never forget the day when I realized
that there are no such things as 'ready-made leaders'. - Author: Gary Rohrmayer
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