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#1. A woman is a highly developed, deeply intelligent, infinitely complicated being. And it needs to be carefully tricked into doing things.

Arj Barker

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#2. When your memories exceed your dreams, the end is near.

Andy Stanley

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#3. There is such a thing as looking through a person's eyes into the heart, and learning more of the height, and breadth, and depth of another's soul in one hour than it might take you a lifetime to discover, if he or she were not disposed to reveal it, or if you had not the sense to understand it.

Anne Bronte

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#4. I was horny, but I was innocent 'cause I was a real-late bloomer and not particularly attractive. In fact, homely.

Patti Smith

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#5. Music is its own language - if you don't speak it, it's hard to say what you're trying to do.


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#6. Distractions undermine greatness.

Dallas Rivers

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#7. I don't care how stylish something is if it doesn't flatter me.

Ali Larter

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#8. Philosophy, with the aid of experience, has at length banished the study of alchymy; and the present age, however desirous of riches, is content to seek them by the humbler means of commerce and industry.

Edward Gibbon

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#9. Don't make your journey toward success a competition - make it a love affair.

Debasish Mridha

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#10. I think 3D can be an incredible thing on a movie and a terrible thing for a movie, depending on what kind of movie it is. And I've seen movies where I thought the 3D really enhanced the experience, and sometimes where I thought it just detracted from it.

Olivia Thirlby

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#11. When I walk in your door I want to be thrilled

Jerry Spinelli

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#12. I felt uneasy, but sometimes, like I said before, I believed in Col. North and there was a very solid and very valid reason that he must have been doing this.

Fawn Hall

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#13. The path of the righteous is not determined by the fall, but by the rising after the fall.


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#14. When he arrived, Keith (Olbermann) had one thing in mind: it was Keith. That's fine. Nothing wrong with that.

Bob Ley

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