Top 25 Lack Of Organization Quotes

#1. I don't want an opportunity to go missing because of my lack of organization.

Sandra Bullock

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#2. Hypertext makes a virtue out of lack of organization, allowing ideas and thoughts to be juxtaposed at will. [ ... ] The advent of hypertext is apt to make writing much more difficult, not easier. Good writing, that is.

Donald A. Norman

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#3. Anxiety is caused by a lack of control, organization, preparation, and action. - David Kekich

David Allen

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#4. He was verbally poking a bruise.

Gillian Flynn

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#5. The vast majority of organizations today have more than enough intelligence, experience and knowledge to be successful. What they lack is organizational health.

Patrick Lencioni

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#6. Dark, dark my light, and darker my desire.
My soul, like some heat-maddened summer fly,
Keeps buzzing at the sill. Which I is I?

Theodore Roethke

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#7. a lack of boldness on our part probably isn't due to a lack of interest from the organization.

Julie Straw

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#8. I think that, when I think about the future that 'The Water Knife' represents, it's one where there's a lack of oversight, planning and organization.

Paolo Bacigalupi

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#9. I'm OK with procedural code, and the web is a top-down type of problem. It makes sense to me that you have HTML, you spit out a bunch of HTML, then you call a function to do something and then call another function.

Rasmus Lerdorf

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#10. American Made is not just an event. It's a movement to spotlight and support the next generation of creative entrepreneurs who are turning their passion for making into thriving small businesses.

Martha Stewart

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#11. Like magic, she felt him getting nearer, felt it like a pull in the pit of her stomach. It felt like hunger but deeper, heavier. Like the best kind of expectation. Ice cream expectation. Chocolate expectation.

Sarah Addison Allen

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#12. Dreams are the fire that warms the soul. Let them guide you.

Alexia Casale

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#13. Every venture capitalist says at some point, 'I wish I could run this company myself' - to be the entrepreneur instead of the investor.

Alan Patricof

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#14. Once you get into debt, it's hell to get out. Don't let credit card debt carry over. You can't get ahead paying eighteen percent.

Charlie Munger

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#15. Against the may, the could be, and the should, folly 'tis to balance doubt or hope.

James Thurber

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#16. Years ago when I got stuck, I'd start twirling my hair. That's not possible anymore. I can't prove the relationship between writing and hair loss, but I think I pulled out a fair amount trying to work on certain sentences.

Eric Schlosser

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#17. No amount of organization and time management will compensate for a lack of Christian character, not when it comes to this great calling of glory through good - bringing glory to God by doing good to others.

Tim Challies

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#18. Anarchy is a function, not of a society's simplicity and lack of social organization, but of it's complexity and multiplicity of social organizations.

Colin Ward

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#19. Our chief defect is that we are more given to talking about things than to doing them.

Jawaharlal Nehru

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#20. The thing is, dressing up, going to church, dropping a twenty in the offering plate, those things are all well and good, but that doesn't make you a Christian.

Matthew West

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#21. It is Japan's mission to be supreme in Asia, the South Seas and eventually the four corners of the world.

Sadao Araki

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#22. According to the World Health Organization, an average of Rs. 6500 per person was lost in India due to lack of cleanliness and hygiene. Swachh Bharat would make a significant impact on public health and in safeguarding income of the poor, ultimately contributing to the national economy.

Narendra Modi

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#23. While we all need external structure in our lives - some degree of predictability, routine, organization - those with ADD need it much more than most people. They need external structure so much because they so lack internal structure.

Edward M. Hallowell

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#24. You are not superior to others and others are not superior to you. You are only different than others and others are only different than you!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#25. When you catch what you're after, it's gone.

Malcolm Forbes

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