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#1. An old-timer is someone who can remember when a naughty child was taken to the woodshed instead of to a psychiatrist.

David Greenberg

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#2. Even nothing cannot last forever.

Neil Gaiman

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#3. You're serving. You're not a servant. Serving is a supreme art. God is the first servant. God serves men but he's not a servant to men. - Eliseo Orefice

Roberto Benigni La Vita E Bella

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#4. Don't listen the Crowd, don't follow the crowd. It's so stupid that it repeats.

Deyth Banger

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#5. If anything I urge you to live bravely and beyond your own comfort zone.

Nikki Rowe

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#6. If you owe your banker a thousand pounds, you are at his mercy. If you owe your banker a million pounds, he is at your mercy.

John Maynard Keynes

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#7. You're
swimming so hard in this ocean.
Don't you know
if you float,
it will always hold you up?

Terra Elan McVoy

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#8. It's more than ok to say no to the people and places that harm your peace.

Nikki Rowe

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#9. It was a map. A really crudely drawn map of trees, mountains that looked like upside-down Vs, and stick people. Apparently, drawing was not one of Athena's skills.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

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#10. In the novel or the journal you get the journey. In a poem you get the arrival.

May Sarton

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#11. He touched my soul long before I knew what his hands felt like.

Nikki Rowe

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#12. I like life, it's wonderous and chaotic and somewhere in the middle I've created a safe place to do my thing in the world ~ I can't ask for much more & I am already so thankful when everything I got

Nikki Rowe

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#13. I only used a cell phone for the first time after I was released. I had difficulty coping with it because it seemed so small and insubstantial.

Aung San Suu Kyi

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#14. What tale do you like best to hear?' 'Oh, I have not much choice! They generally run on the same theme - courtship; and promise to end in the same catastrophe - marriage.

Charlotte Bronte

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#15. When things seem calmest, that is the time you should fear the most, it's when you have the most to lose.

Rachel Caine

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#16. Do not allow doubt to distract you if only you will install in the altar of your heart steady faith in My Divinity, you can win a vision of My Reality.

Sathya Sai Baba

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#17. If what is seen and experienced is portrayed in the language of logic, then it is science. If it is communicated through forms whose connections are not accessible to the conscious mind but are recognized intuitively, then it is art.

Albert Einstein

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