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#1. Every book read with pleasure up to its end deserves a five star rating. - Author: Niovi Lyri
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#2. We must learn to endure what we cannot avoid. Our life is composed, like the harmony of the world, of contrary things, also of different tones, sweet and harsh, sharp and flat, soft and loud. If a musician liked only one kind, what would he have to say? - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#3. Failure is no more than a mere challenge begging us to be better. - Author: Asa Don Brown
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#4. Today is a great day, not only of healing and reconciliation, but also coming together. I'm so glad the whole Little Rock Nine was alive and here to see this. - Author: Winthrop Rockefeller
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#5. Effort within the mind further limits the mind, because effort implies struggle towards a goal and when you have a goal, a purpose, an end in view, you have placed a limit on the mind. - Author: Bruce Lee
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#6. I'm not saying I'm glad it happened. Not exactly. But I'm not sorry to be the person I am today, and to have the life I have now. Even though it's not what I thought I wanted for my future, a year ago, it is what I want now ... - Author: Nancy Werlin
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#7. Most of the things that remain tied to earth do not know that they have hidden wings under the hard shell of life" - The Monk in the book "Songs of the Mist - Author: Shashi
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#8. Oh, Bassanio is so handsome." "As is his friend." "Do you fancy him?" "Do you jest? I was lucky not to be sliding on the slippery floor next to you." "That is not why I slipped. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#9. If you have the same problem for a long time, maybe it's not a problem. Maybe it's a fact. - Author: Yitzhak Rabin
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#10. The only difference between war and murder is the number of dead. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#11. It's a constant process of hoping you won't outgrow the ones you love, while fearing they'll leave you behind as they change. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn't. - Author: Jeffrey Pierce
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