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#1. People are increasingly using the Internet for easy price comparisons. Also, the reliability of delivery of a product bought over the Internet has increased. - Author: Gian Fulgoni
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#2. There's nothing you can learn in three years studying media at university that you can't learn in just one month on a local paper. - Author: Kelvin MacKenzie
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#3. Just one more word. If I ever run into any of you bums on the street corner, just let's pretend we never met before. - Author: William Holden
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#4. Think Thousand times before taking a decision But - After taking decison never turn back even if you get Thousand difficulties!! - Author: Adolf Hitler
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#5. Our competition is different: They're confused. They chased after netbooks. Now they're trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs. Who knows what they'll do next? I can't answer that question, but I can tell you that we're focused. - Author: Tim Cook
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#6. No disaster is worse than being discontented. - Author: Laozi
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#7. We are no longer citizens, we no longer have leaders. We're subjects, and we have rulers. - Author: Edward Snowden
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#8. The liberation of women has brought a lot of equality to the man, in the emancipation of the man as a bulldog; we can also be soft. It's interesting, because sometimes I maybe push the men a little bit more than the women, because it's a little bit less expected. - Author: Mario Testino
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#9. He (The 4th Doctor) concludes, as befits his Bohemian heroism, that the quest itself fulfils the quest - to travel is better than to arrive, and taking part is more triumphant than winning. - Author: Philip MacDonald
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#10. People killing each other in the Middle East is not news. People not killing each other in the Middle East is news. - Author: Kelvin MacKenzie
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#11. I've never been a method actress; I've never been that person that wants to imagine horrible things happening in your own life in order to exploit them for your emotional being in the movie. I'm just not good at doing that. - Author: Isla Fisher
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#12. But try letting yourself be carried along blindly by your feelings, banish your reason if only for the moment; hate, or love, anything rather than do nothing. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#13. As you will have no doubt foreseen...

- Kelvin McKenzie, The Sun's editor; Preamble of the letter he sent to the paper's astrologer he was firing - Author: Kelvin MacKenzie
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