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Top 45 Keep Things Simple Quotes

#1. It's important to keep life simple, and if I'm traveling, I only can do a couple of things, and those are the things that I'm meant to be doing. - Author: Jenny Holzer
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#2. When you buy things that are expensive, like a sofa or something that really feels like an investment, you need to keep it as plain as possible, as simple as possible. Make sure that it's a clean design that will work with whatever style you want it to. - Author: Nate Berkus
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#3. For the sake of sanity, the brain and the eyes keep things simple. But take away the sense of sight and suddenly things are not so simple. - Author: Olafur Eliasson
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#4. Either, you are in love with someone or you're not. Fear is complicated, not love. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#5. And do not change. Do not divert your love from visible things. But go on loving what is good, simple and ordinary; animals and things and flowers, and keep the balance true. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#6. I want to keep things simple and keep my energy focused on moving forward. - Author: Matt Holliday
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#7. He was tired of everyone believing they knew everything there was to know about him, as if a person never grew, a person never changed, a person was born a weird and dreamy little kid with too-red lips and stayed that way forever just to keep things simple for everyone else. - Author: Laura Ruby
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#8. I'm just trying to keep things simple, and just be a little more offhand and not get so deep into things. Enjoy what you got right now, because who knows what's going to happen tomorrow. - Author: Bob Seger
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#9. You've got to keep things simple. Just identify what you need to do to launch, figure out what resources you need, and surround yourself with people who are much smarter than you! - Author: Tim Johnson
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#10. I think what they're looking for is for us to keep our promises and to do the simple things, like cutting spending and being responsible. - Author: Raul Labrador
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#11. I'm better for it and I prefer to keep things simple and see what sounds I can get out of my head and hands rather than relying on a sound that someone else created. - Author: Andy Summers
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#12. This grows wearisome, Allixta said. How long will she carry on?
Till she gets what she wants or drops, Rune answered, the awe in his voice undisguised. My mate likes to keep things simple. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#13. Keep things simple. It will not help you if you keep on overcomplicating work-related stuff. It is difficult to move under a complicated context. - Author: Mick McPherson
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#14. Be true to yourself- and keep things simple. People complicate things - Author: Jay-Z
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#15. Clarity and simplicity help us to build confidence; keep things clear and keep them simple. - Author: Sam Owen
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#16. At home I keep things simple with fish, pasta and soups and am often preparing stuff for the family. - Author: Jean Reno
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#17. Notice the simple things. In the end, it's those that will keep you going. - Author: Anonymous
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#18. I just try to keep it simple, not let too many outside things influence me. - Author: D'Brickashaw Ferguson
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#19. I like to keep things as simple as possible, that's just part of who I am. - Author: Princess Tatiana Of Greece And Denmark
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#20. The formula is simple enough. If you want more headaches and misery in your life, keep complaining, they're on the way. If you want happiness and joy, give your attention to the things you are grateful for, and then sit back and watch them grow. - Author: D.S. Luca
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#21. I think I generally try to buy the best quality and keep it simple. I don't try to make too many decorations, too many things with it. - Author: Wolfgang Puck
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#22. I like to keep things simple. It's really about the wine, food and the beach view. Nothing can beat that. - Author: Emeril Lagasse
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#23. Sam Walton's values are: treat the customer right, take care of your people, be honest in your dealings, pass savings along to the customer, keep things simple, think small, control costs and continuously improve operations. - Author: Michael Bergdahl
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#24. I've learned to keep things simple. Look at your choices, pick the best one, then go to work with all your heart. - Author: Pat Riley
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#25. When it comes to skin care, I like to keep things simple. I'm not the type of person who runs out to have facials. - Author: Chyler Leigh
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#26. I'm lucky with my skin - it doesn't require a lot of attention, so I keep things simple. And I drink a lot of water. - Author: Arizona Muse
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#27. Keep it simple. Let's do the obvious thing -the common thing- but let's do it uncommonly well. - Author: Leo Burnett
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#28. One of the things I've realised is that I am very simple. My wife asked me once if I loved her. I said: 'Look love, I'm a simple man. I love you. End of story.' But I guess you gotta keep saying it with women. I guess she needed reassurance. - Author: Bob Hoskins
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#29. When I do my own makeup, I keep things pretty simple. - Author: Jordana Brewster
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#30. I was a very bad musician. I was the world's worst guitar player, so when I was performing solo with a guitar, I had to keep things very simple. - Author: Loren Mazzacane Connors
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#31. It was simpler just to keep things simple. - Author: Bruce Crown
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#32. Girls always told me..."Don't complicate things." I did my best. It was so hard to keep things simple. - Author: Leos Carax
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#33. I definitely spend the most money on shoes, partly because vintage footwear can be a little funky - in a bad way. I like to keep things pretty simple up top and then go weird with the shoes. - Author: Chloe Sevigny
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#34. I've always felt that when you use too many products or try too many new things, you're just piling a lot of unnatural, unnecessary stress on your face. I try to keep it simple. - Author: Amber Rose
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#35. Whether you're a cameraman or a director, you should ask yourself every now and then, 'What am I trying to do?' Be honest and keep things very simple. - Author: James Wong Howe
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#36. I don't like directing a lot of people. So trying to keep things really simple and elegant is my preferred way of working. - Author: Carrie Mae Weems
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#37. Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple. - Author: Richard Branson
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#38. I'm touched, Rixon. A bomb. How elaborate. Why didn't you keep things simple and just march inside my bedroom one night and put a bullet between my eyes? - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#39. I keep things real simple because I know where I came from and I don't ever want to go back to that way of living. - Author: Edgerrin James
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#40. Keep things simple. - Author: William Of Ockham
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#41. What makes life complicated is the things that are on me and it is very hard to keep things simple. I see it as I am complicated and there is innocence to this. - Author: Klaus Nomi
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#42. Human happiness does not seem to have been included in the design of creation. It is only we with our capacity to love that fives meaning to the indifferent universe, and yet most human beings seem to have the ability to keep trying and even to find joy from simple things. - Author: Woody Allen
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#43. You don't need to be an expert in order to achieve satisfactory investment returns. But if you aren't, you must recognize your limitations and follow a course certain to work reasonably well. Keep things simple and don't swing for the fences. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#44. The simple things in life ground me and keep me focused so I'm able to do a good job with what is in front of me. - Author: Kevin Eubanks
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#45. Like all rice, black rice is great at absorbing flavours, but it's just as happy to act as a satiny bed for a poached egg, say, if you want to keep things simple. - Author: Yotam Ottolenghi
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