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#1. I want to work for a long, long time and keep growing in my work, and if I am very lucky and very blessed, maybe somewhere along the line there will be one movie in there that becomes a classic. - Author: Salma Hayek
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#2. Caitriona Balfe, who is Irish, is also in my movie. I asked her to play her Irish accent in the movie, but her own brogue is so faint that I had to keep pumping it up. - Author: Jodie Foster
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#3. You don't make movies to be art movies. You make movies that move you emotionally because if you're going to commit five years of your life to a movie, you need something to keep you going. - Author: Saul Zaentz
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#4. In the movies I've done for Sony, they've never given me quadrant specific notes ever. They say "Keep making it. Just make the movie you want to do." Especially in a comedy because comedy is so tone specific. - Author: Will Gluck
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#5. What I do is write books for an audience that thinks in a movie language. That's the way I think, and I also believe that not enough authors keep up with the audience. - Author: Matthew Reilly
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#6. Right now I'm the most famous silent movie actress in the world and I want to keep that for me. So I hope there's not going to be any other silent movies. - Author: Berenice Bejo
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#7. Whatever's happening today, remember it is only ONE SCENE in a long movie. Don't treat it like it's the whole story. Keep writing the story. - Author: Henry Cloud
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#8. I'm going to put a museum on my ranch and people keep saying, 'That's a huge idea.' Yeah, it's big, but not bigger than the average big movie. A hundred million dollars in the art world is a substantial amount of cash to do anything. That's maybe a big gallery's total sales for a given year. - Author: Val Kilmer
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#9. No one I knew in Sydney was thinking about how they might come to America and become a movie star. That would be considered delusions of grandeur. My parents were supportive, though. They just told me to keep at it as long as I was having fun. - Author: Luke Bracey
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#10. Doing a movie of one of the Raksura books would involve a lot of CGI, but I have thought about who I'd like to play the characters. Some of them I just can't pin down to a specific actor, and I keep revising my mental list. - Author: Martha Wells
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#11. I think I'm going to keep my Irish accent forever now in any movie I make, because chicks dig it and that's all I care about now! - Author: Chris O'Dowd
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#12. (UGO, about Crank) I see the addiction to video games because you want to win them and it's just hard enough so you'd want to keep playing it over and over to try to figure it out. I definitely feel the movie is like a game at times but I'm not a huge videogame lover. - Author: Amy Smart
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#13. If a movie has more characters than an audience can keep track of, the audience will get confused and lose interest in the story. - Author: Seth Grahame-Smith
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#14. Every movie I make teaches me something. That's why I keep making them. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#15. If I make a movie in English, the money will come from Europe, so that I can keep my independence and freedom. The way they produce in Hollywood doesn't fit me. - Author: Pedro Almodovar
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#16. Making it [police movie] as realistic as possible. I'm honored to be here because it doesn't happen that often from what I hear. They keep people like me away. "Come down and say 'Hello' and get out!" - Author: Ralph Sarchie
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#17. The experience of making a movie, you start to see it everywhere. It's just this amazing mechanism that your brain does because it just so badly wants to be helpful and keep all the information that you need as accessible as possible. - Author: Brie Larson
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#18. When I'm doing more than one movie because it makes one not the end of the world. It makes me feel like, "Okay, I won. I had a victory on this one, today. And I lost on this one, today." I can keep going back-and-forth. - Author: Jon M. Chu
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#19. They were saying, 'Keep this under your hat, but Jack Sparrow's going to die in the second movie.' I went, 'You're kidding me. The fans are going to go berserk.' - Author: Geoffrey Rush
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#20. I love drama. Drama is, like, my thing. I want a movie that will move something inside me, that's going to shift something and keep me thinking. - Author: Kate Del Castillo
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#21. The hardest thing in making a movie is to keep in the front of your consciousness your original response to the material. Because that's going to be the thing that will make the movie. And the loss of that will break the movie. - Author: Stanley Kubrick
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#22. I'll write for a while and then I'll find an appropriate song and in a weird way the music will keep me in the mood. I find music to define the mood of the movie, the rhythm the movie is going to play in. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
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#23. The truth of actually working on a movie set is that you're in the midst of a logistical nightmare. There are so many things going on. There are many factors that keep your ideal scenario from ever happening. And you're rarely going to get that. - Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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#24. I have respect for anyone who's going to go out and make a movie for a small budget and turn it into a phenomenon. God bless you. Please keep making movies. That's great. But it's not what entertains me. - Author: Katie Aselton
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#25. While shooting a movie if I can't find what I want, then I keep going until I find my moment. - Author: Matthijs Van Heijningen Jr.
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#26. In a business like the movie business, you're going to have a lot of people competing. Somebody is always coming behind them who wants their job. Being an actor is like being in quicksand: whatever you do, it disappears very quickly. You have to keep reminding people. - Author: Robert Osborne
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#27. I love to see the rarest movies, the most talked-about movies and documentaries. I read all the reviews and compare them to see if it's worth going! I have a secret movie critic blog I have shown no one or promoted, and I intend to keep it that way. - Author: Theophilus London
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#28. If no one on the movie has met me before or knows me, that's the easiest. I don't do a lot of things that don't relate to being the person. I will try to keep it going for my other actors. I want them to do the least amount of pretending as possible. - Author: Peter Sarsgaard
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#29. There are lots of different parts of movie-making that I participate in, but my favorite part is the making of it. I'm scared, every day. I keep thinking someone's going to throw me the ball and I'm going to go, "Oh, wow. Oh, god. I just messed that up." - Author: Bruce Willis
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#30. Because I've never made this kind of movie before, so I've never even been to Comic-Con. And Hugh and Evangeline keep telling me, 'Oh, my god ... This is such Comic-Con fodder. We're going to have such a fun summer!' Is this the kind of thing they show? That length? - Author: Shawn Anthony Levy
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#31. In the movie of life, nothing matters except our King and God. Don't let yourself forget. Soak it in and keep remembering that it is true. He is everything. - Author: Francis Chan
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#32. I love what I do, and I don't think I'm the guy who can do, like, a movie a year and that's it. I don't know what I'd do! I've already put stuff independently on the Internet cause I'm bored! I just want to keep going! - Author: Terry Crews
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#33. I didn't necessarily have a total idea when I was writing the movie of where everything was going. I just wanted to have really realistic dialogue and write like people I knew talked. I tried to keep it very real. - Author: Zach Braff
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#34. Inconceivable!"
"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. - Author: William Goldman
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#35. To do that I try and keep myself in pretty good shape physically and I try to lead my life in such a way that I'll be able to be as strong at the end of the movie as I am in the beginning. - Author: John Frankenheimer
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#36. The good movies that people want to keep are probably creating their value more than anything else. - Author: Bill Mechanic
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#37. They make Spy Kids, they make Scream, they make A Scary Movie. This doesn't do that, so it could be a very bad marriage. I'm trying to keep this potential nightmare quiet because we're just finishing editing. - Author: Terry Gilliam
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#38. Sometimes a movie knows you're watching it. It knows how to hold and keep you, how, when it's over, to make you want it all over again. - Author: Wesley Morris
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#39. It's really hard to stay healthy over the long term of making a movie so that's why those things matter when you're trying to keep your health, literally. - Author: Elizabeth Banks
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#40. I don't keep an ongoing dribble of updates of my day, but I tell little compartmentalized stories every day on Snapchat. I use it much more like making a movie than maintaining a diary. When people watch my 60-second clips, there's a beginning, middle, and end. - Author: Casey Neistat
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#41. I've never been able to develop a movie over several years, and keep coming back to it and adding to it. I get excited by the spark of an idea, and if I can't go make that, there's another idea that comes along that I get excited about. It has to happen quickly, in order for it to happen, at all. - Author: Joe Swanberg
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#42. The other thing that I started doing for myself was, I went through my diary of ideas that I keep and made sure that the translation of the comic to the movie was good. - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
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#43. So if you want to have a great video game-based movie you have to keep the mood of the game, use the normal character setup - but you have to flesh out the story and provide more background for the characters. - Author: Uwe Boll
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#44. I'm a writer. The more I act, the more resistance I have to it. If you accept work in a movie, you accept to be entrapped for a certain part of time, but you know you're getting out. I'm also earning enough to keep my horses, buying some time to write. - Author: Sam Shepard
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#45. Great music is its own movie, already. And the challenge, as a music fan, is to keep the song as powerful as it wants to be, to not tamper with it and to somehow give it a home. - Author: Cameron Crowe
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#46. I believe how you measure a good movie is how many times you can see it. With comedies, I like to be a producer, because comedies can get corny and go off track real fast. I'm always the 'less is more' guy when it comes to a scene. So I'ma be the one who will keep it grounded. - Author: Ice Cube
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#47. Most rappers these days is actors,
And I can't keep watching the same movie. - Author: Mick Jenkins
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#48. We can learn not to keep situations or events alive in our minds, but to return our attention continuously to the pristine, timeless present moment rather than be caught up in mental movie making. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#49. This is all so exciting I've decided to keep making one movie every 36 years. - Author: George Burns
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#50. Every movie is different. Sometimes with movies, there are roles you should just leave alone and relax with and keep it light. And there are other ones where you want to work with an acting coach and really delve in there. - Author: Scott Speedman
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#51. It's important for cinema to keep on evolving: for people, and not only teenagers, to be able to go to a movie that has huge epic scope but has an intellectual and real story to tell. - Author: Baltasar Kormakur
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#52. As a director, I think it is important to keep a space between yourself and your film. It's like you are in the movie, but at the same time you are watching it from the outside. - Author: Tony Jaa
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#53. The fact that someone came forward and offered $1.25 million to make a movie was astonishing. We were also allowed to keep many of the original stage cast. - Author: Richard O'Brien
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#54. When you're reading a book, you're always looking for the natural place to stop. With a movie, you can't really have that sense of it coming momentarily to a halt; there's pressure to keep the momentum up. - Author: David Nicholls
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#55. People keep trying to make me a movie star but they just don't understand. I'm not a movie star, I'm an actor. - Author: Ryan Phillippe
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#56. When it's a bad movie you want to release it quietly. You try to keep it a secret like an STD. - Author: Jack Black
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#57. I don't know if I'd do an action movie because I don't know if I could keep a straight face; honestly, I just think it's so silly. Like, I love watching them but I can't imagine me doing one. - Author: Chris O'Dowd
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#58. You've got to keep taking certain risks, because my priority is in acting, it's not in movie stardom. - Author: Gary Sinise
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#59. I tend to stay in character between scenes ... to be rather serious on set, but here's why, and I think people will find it surprising. I'm one of the worst 'corpses' on a movie set, which means you can't keep a straight face. You start to get the giggles and you can't stop. - Author: Christian Bale
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#60. I've learned that if you can keep it calm and keep it fun and loose, then that allows for ideas from the crew. I don't care where an idea comes from, whether it's the crew or my producer or the actors or anybody. I just want it to be fun, and if that's the case, then I think you make a better movie. - Author: Will Packer
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#61. You don't make a movie by yourself; you certainly don't make a TV show by yourself. You invest people in their work. You make people feel comfortable in their jobs; you keep people talking. - Author: Vince Gilligan
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#62. Anonymity is a wonderful thing if you can hang on to it. I live in Pasadena where we try to keep the movie people out. We discourage them from moving in our neighborhood and if they do we burn effigies on their lawns. - Author: Joe Johnston
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#63. And that's when it hits me, the punch in the stomach, the carving out of my insides. That's when I realize that none of this is a movie. I will not go out with a bang. There is no ending. There are no credits. I will wake up and I will keep waking up and this will always be waiting for me. - Author: Amy Reed
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#64. Somehow I've been able to keep standing and stay in my little corner and do my little stuff and I'm not particularly affected by trends or I'm not dying to make a 3D movie or anything like that. I'm just sort of happy to still be around. - Author: George A. Romero
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#65. When you're first starting out, you want to keep making good movies. When you're young and you're black, you do a bad movie and you're through. - Author: Chris Tucker
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#66. For me, it's important that a movie is the congregate of all art forms, from writing to art composition to music to performing. Trying to keep a balance of all those is what I think a director's job is. - Author: Mick Garris
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#67. I want to keep doing different things. I'd like to do a more personal, dramatic movie next, I think. But as long as it's about characters and good writing and good parts for actors, that's what's important. - Author: Tony Goldwyn
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#68. For sheer excitement you can keep movie premieres and roller-coasters . An empty white canvas waiting to be filled. That's the thing. - Author: Pam Brown
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