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#1. I'm guessing the stress of having to write for a deadline can be inspiring. Sometimes, pressure is good. - Author: Timothy Dalton
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#2. ...the most beautiful thing about tango is that it doesn't belong to anyone. It doesn't, but we'd like it to. We'd like to own it, each of us individually. We are all fiercely territorial about it. By being here despite the pain of it, we're saying: I'm holding my ground... - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#3. ...Tango is not just a dance. It's our human condition. To everyone who loves tango, it's what art is to the artist. A way to connect past and future. But you already know this my dear... - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#4. Sun always finds a way to give its light; truth always finds a way to show its face! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#5. Our own opinion of ourselves should be lower than that formed by others, for we have a better chance at our imperfections. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
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#6. night. "Will you ever teach us magic, Grandma? - Author: Chris Colfer
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#7. What if love is made and nothing else?
asked Narcissus, leaning over the green iris of water.

Nothing else,
cried Echo from the green cochlea of the woods.

And they were both right.
And they were both lonely. - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#8. But get this: you're free. Freedom is the greatest gift to the artist. Don't waste it. Go to Buenos Aires. Eat some steak. Get a fresh perspective on things. - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#9. ...dancing with someone who is causing you pain is a bit like trying to smile while having a tooth extracted. - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#10. After the lapse of a minute, I roused my manhood, and opened the door. - Author: Wilkie Collins
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#11. I think Louisville will be fired up for this game. They might be in revenge mode. But, this time of the year records, don't mean much. Anything can happen. - Author: Mike Carey
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#12. ...what exactly is there in human existence that can lure you away from pleasure: peace of mind, a walk by the sea, moderation? - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#13. Wait for the right, honest words from the man you're interested in before jumping conclusions. Unless he tells you he loves you, he doesn't. - Author: Grace D. Chong
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#14. ...'You are like tango music itself, Kapka.' Julio says, catching his breath. 'You're the universal woman- wherever you go, you will always be a local and a stranger at the same time. - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#15. Most people are afraid of change. But if you look at it as something you can always count on, then it can be a comfort. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#16. ...tango is art, not sex. Yes, it is art made with your body and someone else's. But not sex. - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#17. It just gets frustrating playing the girlfriend, It's just this awful feeling, sitting in your house, waiting for a script to come. I like to be more proactive. - Author: Joey Lauren Adams
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#18. The prize is in the pleasure of finding the thing out, the kick in the discovery, the observation that other people use it [my work]
those are the real things, the honors are unreal to me. - Author: Richard Feynman
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#19. Oh - a diamond ring - and Rhett, do buy a great big one! - Author: Margaret Mitchell
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#20. I managed to convince myself that I'd left Bulgaria behind for good. I chose to see emigration and globe-trotting as an escape, not as a loss. Nowhere to call home? No problem, the world is my oyster. Where are you from? they ask. Does it matter? I answer.
But it does. - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#21. ...'Not all dreams get broken. We all need dreams.'... - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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