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#1. In chess you might find a good move. Then you might find a better move. But take your time. Find the best move.

Josh Waitzkin

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#2. I'm convinced we have each been endowed with a beautiful heart. We may not always see it. We may not even believe it. But it's a gift that came with birth and, every time we act selflessly, it grows a little.

Steve Goodier

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#3. If negativity starts to cloud your thoughts, get on your hands & knees and pull out the weeds.

John Addison

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#4. Bestiality is not my thing But it seems to be a harmless foible or idiosyncrasy of some people. So, as long as the animal doesn't mind (and the animal rarely does), I don't mind, and I don't see why anyone else should.

Frank Kameny

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#5. He was the up and equal homosexual who would not sit at the back of the bus.

Frank Kameny

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#6. Unhappiness or negativity is a disease on our planet. What pollution is on the outer level is negativity on the inner. It is everywhere, not just in places where people don't have enough, but even more so where they have more than enough.

Eckhart Tolle

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#7. What enables us to achieve our greatness contains the seeds of our destruction.

Jim Valvano

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#8. The United States has never done away with slavery; we just stopped calling it such. These days, we call it free-market capitalism.

Michel Templet

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#9. The person who really needs the psychotherapy ( ... ) is not the homosexual youngster who gets dragged to the psychiatrist's office by his mother, but the mother, to releive her anxieties about his homosexuality.

Frank Kameny

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#10. I did regret not graduating high school, but I made a point of going back and getting my GED later. It was important for my kids.

Christian Slater

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#11. Drink wine, not labels.

Maynard Amerine

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#12. You all have to make a new Pakistan. Naya Pakistan is not a slogan - it's a belief,

Imran Khan

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#13. Discipline will take you far.
Wisdom will take you further.
Skill and character will take you the furthest.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#14. If you want to cut your own throat, don't come to me for a bandage.

Margaret Thatcher

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#15. I grew up not having very many girl friends. Girls tend to be competitive. I actually went to the school 'Mean Girls' was written about, so you can only imagine what my high school experience was like!

Gillian Zinser

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#16. When you fall in love, you don't listen to anyone, because everything seems wrong.

M.F. Moonzajer

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#17. Never praise or blame people on common grounds; look to their judgements exclusively. Because that is the determining factor, which makes everyone's actions either good or bad.


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