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#1. It is possible through sin to harden our hearts against God so long that we lose all desire for God. The Scripture says: "God also gave them up" [Romans 1:24 KJV].

Billy Graham

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#2. What I don't think has been talked about is the fact that in order to be Hell, the people in Hell could never be sure they were really there.

Denis Johnson

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#3. A book is a story, even if it's non-fiction, and once I've read it, I have the story with me inside my head always.

Sara Sheridan

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#4. 99.9% of being a good parent is just being present with your child. On the flipside of that, 100% of being happy is just being present.

Mark Webber

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#5. We can what if ourselves to death, but it won't do anything. The only thing we can do is keep moving even when it feels like you're walking through a pit of cement.

Chelsea M. Cameron

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#6. In the circumstances in which the Republic finds itself, the constitution cannot be inaugurated; it would destroy itself ... The provisional government of France is revolutionary until there is peace.

Louis Antoine De Saint-Just

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#7. Come try my strength, you dogs who thought to attack helpless prey! But when you do, O beasts of night, know that you face the Lord of Night. I am Death!

Piers Anthony

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