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#1. As far as career goes, make sure you're in it for the right reasons - and make sure that the work itself is the most important thing. - Author: Clive Owen
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#2. This is happening; this is not fiction. And the thing about life? It doesn't have texture at all. Go ahead, feel the space around you. Do it now. See? It's nothing but air. - Author: Carolyn Parkhurst
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#3. The tough competition among German manufacturers makes us fundamentally strong. - Author: Martin Winterkorn
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#4. God is a fountain flowing into itself. - Author: Pope Dionysius
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#5. If there was something that all the time had in common, what your English teacher would call a "theme," it would be this: Don't get caught. - Author: Charles Benoit
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#6. Hell, I've always like the man," he said now. "Until he became involved with my wife. - Author: B. J. Daniels
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#7. The purest of heart often carries the heaviest burdens. - Author: Marie Sabillo
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#8. The worst superstition is to consider our own tolerable. - Author: Doris Lessing
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#9. The urge to travel feels magnetic. Two of my favorite words are linked: departure time. And travel whets the emotions, turns upside down the memory bank, and the golden coins scatter. - Author: Frances Mayes
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#10. If a man's innate self-respect will not save him from habitual, disgusting intoxication, all the female influences in the universe would not avail. Man's will, like woman's, is stronger than the affection, and, once subjugated by vice, all eternal influences will be futile. - Author: Augusta Jane Evans
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