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#1. There can be no finer example of the inspiring powers of competition to shatter the status quo than Hungary's Judit Polgar.

Garry Kasparov

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#2. People come to Paris, to the capital, to give their lives a sense of belonging, of an almost mythical participation in society.

Marguerite Duras

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#3. Well, what do you know," I whispered in disbelieve.

Luanne Bennett

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#4. I'm a long time [Scott] Fitzgerald fan, as probably everyone in America is. And I've always been fascinated by that theme of, what is the price of the American dream and what parts of your soul do you walk away with? The conflict of art versus commerce was also very interesting to me.

Matt Bomer

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#5. Chess is thirty to forty percent psychology. You don't have this when you play a computer. I can't confuse it

Judit Polgar

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#6. When a Japanese manufacturer was asked by his North American counterpart, What is the best language in which to do business?" the man responded: "My customer's language

Leonard Sweet

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#7. I know that there are people who believe that if they get to the stage where life is absolutely intolerable because of pain and indignity ... they would like to end their life before nature intended, and we think they should have the choice to do so.

Margo MacDonald

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#8. It was his knowledge of his own willful stupidity that had brought on his irritation

Keigo Higashino

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#9. Kate's stomach trembled with that particular anxiety that always heralded something good.

Sarah Addison Allen

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#10. Baseball, boxing, handball - sooner or later every game gets compared to narrative, but only in football are the plays perfectly linear, drawn up with letters, and only in football is the field itself lined like a sheet of notebook paper.

J.R. Moehringer

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#11. Plot is like Soylent Green: it's made of people.

Chuck Wendig

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#12. One can say that in the last decades chess has become more of a sport than of a science. I see it from an artistic point of view.

Judit Polgar

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#13. Hearts don't really break. If only they could.

Stephen King

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#14. I think it's very natural to get nervous. I've usually got concerns about a specific thing in the opening which might worry me. I have to be relaxed and balanced emotionally and then I can concentrate on the moves during the game. Then things will be ok.

Judit Polgar

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#15. I used to love the 'Star Trek' movies, 'Wrath of Khan' and stuff like that. Loved those movies when I was a kid. And 'Star Wars' obviously was hands-down probably - I mean I had the sheets. I was a big fan of that.

Michael Ealy

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#16. Playing chess has many aspects that can be useful in everyday situations like planning, concentration and combinations. You learn to win but also to lose and to be creative.

Judit Polgar

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#17. My compositions spring from my sorrows. Those that give the world the greatest delight were born of my deepest griefs.

Franz Schubert

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#18. I was labeled as a tricky player early on and have been regarded as tricky throughout my whole career. It was said that I was able to pull out tricks from nowhere.

Judit Polgar

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#19. I have always felt that Judit was a relatively slow starter, though she is extremely motivated, diligent, hard-working, and disciplined towards her goals in chess and in life.

Susan Polgar

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#20. His Grace called Virginius in and said: "Do you think a priest of the Anglican Communion should be a divorced man with two wives living?" That's the way he talks. And do you know what Virginius said? He said: "Your Grace, if it weren't for divorce, there wouldn't be an Anglican Communion.

Florence King

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#21. I won't miss coaching. What you miss is that camaraderie with those boys and the other coaches. You miss that.

Bobby Bowden

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#22. As long as the food is well prepared and not overdone, I think it tastes good. It doesn't matter if it's Chinese, Japanese, anything.

Martin Yan

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#23. India and China are improving by leaps and bounds and it will be their chess players who will lead the revolution of the XXI century.

Judit Polgar

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