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#1. It's a new day: Full of promise and love. The only thing that can take away that great feeling is - reading the news or speaking to people. - Author: Bob Saget
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#2. Evil, however powerful it seemed, could be undone by its own appetite. - Author: Clive Barker
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#3. Data:I could be chasing an untamed ornithoid without cause. - Author: Star Trek The Next Generation
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#4. Our attention is in the moment; we are not afraid of the future or ashamed of the past. - Author: Jose Luis Ruiz
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#5. Department, 557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. - Author: Sarah Mlynowski
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#6. You only exist because of the agreements you made with yourself and with the other humans around you. - Author: Jose Luis Ruiz
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#7. Alas! Our dancing days are no more. We wish, however, all those who have a relish for so agreeable and innocent an amusement all the pleasure the season will afford them. - Author: George Washington
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#8. Some people blamed his oddities on his dyslexia, which was so severe that one giddy pediatrician called it a gift: While he might never learn how to spell or read better than the average fourth grader, he'd always see things the rest of us couldn't. - Author: Jim Lynch
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#9. If we allow ourselves to suffer, it takes its chance to have power over us, feeding us with lies and making us feel mortal so that it can feel immortal. - Author: Don Jose Ruiz
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#10. We can only think in a language that we master. - Author: Jose Luis Ruiz
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#11. I thought of America as Natalie Wood and Bob Wagner sprawled on the edge of a Hollywood swimming pool biting into the same red apple. - Author: Bharati Mukherjee
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#12. Humans have invented all kinds of symbols to communicate not only with other humans but more importantly with ourselves. - Author: Jose Luis Ruiz
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#13. We speak the truth because we live in truth. - Author: Jose Luis Ruiz
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#14. I want to encourage young women to stand up for each other and speak up when they see others in a tough situation. - Author: Amber Riley
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