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#1. Nobody who has ever given his best has regretted it. - Author: George Halas
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#2. Bruno was jealous, he had to wear stupid pants en shoes while the boys at the other side of the fence were wearing nice pyjamas al day long - Author: John Boyne
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#3. Nowhere in Scripture do I read where we are to discuss hospice care with seniors so they're willing to get out of the way and let younger folks live more expediently. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#4. When one considers our nation's educational foundations - Harvard, Yale, Princeton and most of our respected institutions were originally Christian - it becomes evident why we, as Christians, maintain a passion about remaining true to the foundations of Scripture. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#5. I believe prayer for our nation has never been more important as we witness an accelerating anti-Christian fervor in the so-called mainstream of our culture. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#6. Fortune and humor govern the world. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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#7. Jesus did not promise us a life free from trouble. He is called the God of all comfort - and if there were no troubles, He would not need to be called by this name. Jesus does not promise freedom from all problems, but He does promise that we will never face situations alone. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#8. Natural justice is a compact resulting from expediency by which men seek to prevent one man from injuring others and to protect him from being injured by them. - Author: Epicurus
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#9. As God's followers, we must be ever watchful not to allow diluted teachings or secular philosophies to creep into our doctrine. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#10. Those of us who follow Jesus Christ must seriously commit to praying for our leaders, never forgetting that even our greatest heroes are flawed individuals who need Jesus Christ, just like the rest of us. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#11. How can we hope to retain our freedom through the generations if we fail to teach our young that our liberty springs from an abiding faith in our Creator? - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#12. The Internet offers opportunities that are more unique than ever before. With TV, I know I'm making 22 minutes; I know there's a commercial in the middle. With the Internet, no one knows anything. No rules. - Author: Jerry Seinfeld
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#13. Being a godly father requires much perseverance and prayer as we seek God's guidance in being the types of fathers He wants us to be. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#14. It is time that conservative people of faith jointly commit to praying for our nation (daily, fervently!) and also rise up hand in hand in an effort to raise up a new generation of Franklins and Washingtons and Lincolns and Reagans. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#15. Our President has given symbolic support to the National Day of Prayer but I believe that our nation needs an impassioned call to our collective knees. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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#16. A pink taffeta evening gown. It looked like it had run away from a junior high
prom ...
The dress looked like a petunia on steroids to me. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#17. The filming of Shakespeare is always problematic, because he hates posing for the camera - Author: Lenny Henry
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#18. Ye're my wife, Katherine. Ye promised before God to obey me. If I want to sleep with ye, I damned well will. - Author: Mia Marlowe
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#19. While the Christian message is increasingly becoming less acceptable in fashionable society, we must be always living according to Scripture and prepared to be apologists for Jesus Christ in all aspects of our lives. - Author: Jonathan Falwell
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