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Top 23 John Wesley Powell Quotes

#1. You cannot see the Grand Canyon in one view, as if it were a changeless spectacle from which a curtain might be lifted, but to see it, you have to toil from month to month through its labyrinths.

John Wesley Powell

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#2. The glories and the beauties of form, color, and sound unite in the Grand Canyon - forms unrivaled even by the mountains, colors that vie with sunsets, and sounds that span the diapason from tempest to tinkling raindrop, from cataract to bubbling fountain.

John Wesley Powell

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#3. Through affliction hath His light shone and His praise been bright unceasingly: this hath been His method through past ages and bygone times.


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#4. Better live a crossing-sweeper than die and be made to talk twaddle by a "medium" hired at a guinea a seance.

Thomas Huxley

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#5. The integers of language are sentences, and their organs are the parts of speech. Linguistic organization, then, consists in the differentiation of the parts of speech and the integration of the sentence.

John Wesley Powell

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#6. I have another explanation [of Brexit]: In its 43 years of EU membership, Britain has never been able to decide whether it wants to fully or only partially belong to the EU.

Jean-Claude Juncker

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#7. Stop enjoying yourself," Damen murmured. "We're going to be killed, any minute."
"Giant animal," said Laurent.
"Stop it.

C.S. Pacat

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#8. The elements that unite to make the Grand Canyon the most sublime spectacle in nature are multifarious and exceedingly diverse.

John Wesley Powell

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#9. The Last Canyon by John Vernon is a beautiful retelling of John Wesley Powell's 1869 exploration of the Grand Canyon and his and his men's inevitable and tragic clash with a tribe of Paiute Indians who lived on the canyon's northern edge.

Nancy Pearl

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#10. Possible ideas and thoughts are vast in number. A distinct word for every distinct idea and thought would require a vast vocabulary. The problem in language is to express many ideas and thoughts with comparatively few words.

John Wesley Powell

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#11. In the New Testament, the only things that mattered were love and free will.

Jonathan Franzen

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#12. The landscape everywhere, away from the river, is of rock - cliffs of rock; plateaus of rock; terraces of rock; crags of rock - ten thousand strangely carved forms.

John Wesley Powell

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#13. I represent nine sovereign Sioux tribes. In South Dakota, some of the tribes are in the most remote, rural areas of the country. They lack essential infrastructure. Some communities don't even have clean drinking water.

Stephanie Herseth

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#14. There is something about the unexpected that moves us. As if the whole of existance is paid for in some way, except for that one moment, witch is free.

Rose Tremain

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#15. The wonders of the Grand Canyon cannot be adequately represented in symbols of speech, nor by speech itself. The resources of the graphic art are taxed beyond their powers in attempting to portray its features. Language and illustration combined must fail.

John Wesley Powell

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#16. We have an unknown distance yet to run, an unknown river to explore.

John Wesley Powell

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#17. When you pray, rather let your heart be without words then your words without heart.

John Bunyan

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#18. Years of drought and famine come and years of flood and famine come, and the climate is not changed with dance, libation or prayer.

John Wesley Powell

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#19. We'll have a public power authority, which will also have the ability to build power or finance power. And more importantly, we'll have more power than our economy provides. All of that will give us leverage we don't have today.

Gray Davis

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#20. There are clues in the script ... he will say "I think drugs are immoral"' ... but the guy who says that kills, tortures, pimps and has whores working for him. There is this strange morality going on, which is rather like the Mafia.

David Suchet

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#21. No, Queer Eye has a book coming out before mine, in the Spring of 2004, in which each of us has a section and we do a brief overview of our subject area.

Ted Allen

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#22. The verb is relatively of much greater importance in an Indian tongue than in a civilized language.

John Wesley Powell

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#23. Indian nouns are extremely connotive; that is, the name does more than simply denote the thing to which it belongs - in denoting the object, it also assigns to it some quality or characteristic.

John Wesley Powell

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