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#1. Do I use VORP? I may be using it and not even know it, and if I am, it's nobody's business. There are a lot of different criteria in judging players. I think I use, um, esoteric qualitative mathematical review times five. That's one of them. - Author: Ned Colletti
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#2. Markets always change, and as soon as there's downturn, cleanliness becomes a major value. - Author: Donald Trump
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#3. Baltimore is one of the most beautiful towns, really. And trust me, I don't say that about every place. There is just something so quaint, old and beautiful about this place. - Author: Polly Bergen
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#4. two orbs of flesh? - Author: Robin LaFevers
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#5. At least once a week, I try to have one day where I have nothing planned so I can get up and just go back to bed and lay around and recharge my batteries. - Author: Dolph Lundgren
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#6. Don't give up on yourself, your family and your nation. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#7. I know I can get laughs anywhere, in front of any crowd, if I'm given the chance. - Author: Bobby Lee
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#8. I just want to get on the court. - Author: Carmelo Anthony
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#9. You see, we don't know what our goals are. We learn our goals only in the process of getting there You don't know what the baby is going to become. Therefore, you wait and take good care of it until it becomes what it will. - Author: Milton H. Erickson
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#10. When a crime writer thinks up a delicious twist, it is a great moment. Time to relax and take the rest of the day off. I do think that it can be overdone, however. - Author: Mark Billingham
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#11. We humans have many vestigial features proving that we evolved. The most famous is the appendix. - Author: Jerry A. Coyne
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#12. In Nirvana, it is you, my friend, who goes away. You take an eraser and erase yourself. It's like the Road Runner cartoons where in the middle of the cartoon, the hand of the artist appears on the screen and erases the Road Runner. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#13. We may give without loving, but we cannot love without giving.
- Author: Bernard Meltzer
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#14. The human race will have no respite from evils until those who are really philosophers acquire political power or until, through some divine dispensation, those who rule and have political authority in the cities become real philosophers. - Author: Plato
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