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Top 19 Jet Pilot Quotes

#1. What difference does it really make? - Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
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#2. I've always supported new music from classic bands, especially if it's good. - Author: Eddie Trunk
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#3. When I was getting close to being accepted for pilot training, I was allowed to get in a jet airplane. I sat there looking at all those switches and dials and I got the distinct feeling that I was sitting in the nose of bomb. I realized my fantasies of flying and fighting were just that - fantasies. - Author: Morgan Freeman
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#4. I don't want to be a big star. I just want to get my message across. - Author: Nneka
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#5. I do believe in ghosts, or at least in some kind of persistent spiritual echoes of the past in certain places. - Author: Jennifer McMahon
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#6. Once you start rewriting, you're not able to stop. With each draft the fundamental banality and worthlessness of the material becomes more evident even as its vitality and spontaneity are drained from it. - Author: Barry N. Malzberg
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#7. I work under three umbrellas: entertainment, education, and entrepreneurship. Of course the entertainment fragment speaks for itself because I'm in Chicago. However, a lot of folks may not know I teach courses at Ohio State University that covers life in professional sports. - Author: Eddie George
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#8. Do you really exist?" I blurt out.
"Not at all," he says with a smile, "I've known that since I was four. - Author: David Levithan
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#9. she pulled out her cell and punched in their number, one of the few she knew by heart and the absolute easiest to dial. - Author: Barbara Delinsky
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#10. Pilots have their names painted just beneath the canopy of their aircraft. This gives the pilot a sense of ownership for his or her jet. What's more, like cars, each aircraft has its own personality, so it's important for a pilot to get to know and love his aircraft. - Author: Simon Sinek
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#11. But the aircraft a year ago had been different. It was not a squat, fat-bellied cargo plane but a needle-nosed single-pilot jet. - Author: Lois Lowry
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#12. I have one dream: I want to get my jet pilot license, and take my jet to 40 000 feet, look down, and realise how small we are. Not for the kick of the G's but just to get the feeling of just for once flying above humanity. - Author: Wouter Van Gastel
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#13. I never intended to become a professional pilot. But, as I became more curious about aircraft, and, well, not being John Travolta, I realized that the only way I was ever going to fly a jet is if I got a job. - Author: Bruce Dickinson
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#14. The mind is very powerful. Therefore, it requires firm guidance. A powerful jet plane needs a good pilot; the pilot of your mind should be the wisdom that understands its nature. - Author: Thubten Yeshe
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#15. People think of songwriting as a very personal thing: A guy gets up there with an acoustic guitar and he sings his heart out, bares his soul. - Author: Craig Finn
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#16. Three quarters of faith is boldness.
Three quarters of wisdom is intelligence.
Three quarters of love is kindness. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#17. I want you to know I'm an Army brat; I was a captain in the Army and my brother was a jet pilot in the Navy. So I support our troops; I identify with them. But I sure as hell don't identify with the bastards who sent them over there. - Author: Kris Kristofferson
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#18. The most insupportable of tyrannies is that of inferiors. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#19. Live because you're dying. Tomorrow is no more guaranteed than the next hour. No minute is minuscule; every second is a new breath that fills the lungs with life. - Author: Bron Dayvid
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