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#1. For CNBC, and for Wall Street, billion-dollar fines for violations of the law are just part of the price of doing business, along with litigation costs and 'compliance.' - Author: Alex Pareene
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#2. Somebody asked me, 'Why do people like vampires so much?' This was right after Obama had been elected and I said, 'Because we just spent eight years being sucked dry by one.' - Author: Alan Ball
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#3. I put my emotions in my music and I want people to relate to that. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#4. Young people who were relaxed about posting every detail of their life on Facebook become a lot less relaxed when they realise just how transparent their life has become to future employers. - Author: Geoff Mulgan
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#5. I feel like I can be a frontman; I feel like I have good songs. - Author: Albert Hammond Jr.
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#6. Every successful quality revolution has included the participation of upper management. We know of no exceptions. - Author: Joseph M. Juran
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#7. What's kind of weird is that when I'm writing I don't know where I'm going to go. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#8. I guess when I got into my preteens, I turned about 12 and I decided to sing R&B, because I felt like one day there were some things I felt like I would want to say, that I couldn't say with gospel music. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#9. Vividly seeing that love had always been my mother's guide, I could finally release my anger - let go of it there in the woods - and move past it. - Author: Aspen Matis
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#10. Why do we love love when love seems to hate us? - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#11. As I'm writing it, I'm kind of curious to see what's going to happen. It almost feels like I'm the writer and I'm the listener, too. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#12. In order to innovate, you have to experiment. - Author: Mike Schroepfer
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#13. I don't think of work between albums. Of course, I go through regular life and I live and I experience different things, good and bad, and it does help me, but I don't think about writing or what I'm gonna do with whatever's going on while I'm going through it. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#14. No matter what is the environment around you, it is always possible to maintain your brand of integrity - Author: Abdul Kalam
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#15. Love is a mistake when we're all going to die any day now. - Author: Melissa Marr
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#16. I feel that the music that I do is somewhat of a lost art and it's not as popular as dance or pop music and people are not as interested in it. But it's something that I believe in and I feel that it's needed, so that's why I do it and I will keep doing it until everybody hears it and gets it. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#17. I'm cool with where I'm at. It's certain things I wanna do to be better, but I'm good. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#18. I loved the feeling I got when I sang. I loved the feeling that it gave to people when I sang. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#19. But the universe in its immensity is nevertheless of a piece, and what applies at one end of it applies at the other. No doubt misery, like happiness and hope, is found throughout the stars. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#20. The person I would trust the most is my mom. She's just really creative ... She's a playwright and she's a musician. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#21. After you've been away, people's expectations are like, "Well, you better have something to show for it. Tell us why you've been away so long!" - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#22. I think a lot of the way that I try to write my stories come from watching my mom write plays and trying to do that. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#23. I'm not the type of woman who shows off my body; I'm a vocalist and I'm a writer and I think people see that more so than they see anything else. That's just who I am. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#24. I'm not great with breathing, like holding notes. I usually don't. A lot of people wouldn't believe it, but I don't focus on technical stuff ... - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#25. I don't worry about getting old. I'm old already. Only young people worry about getting old. - Author: George Burns
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#26. I think the way I write is kind of naturally rhythmic. If there's anything of my own in my writing, I think that's my own thing. Like when I start a song, I almost hear the rhythm more than the melody. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#27. On the morning I was scheduled to die, a large barefoot man with a bushy red beard waddled past my house. - Author: Peter Lerangis
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#28. If you hear a good song, it makes you hopeful like, 'That is out there.' - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#29. Times have changed, but people don't change. That's why ON THE ROAD has never been irrelevant. - Author: Kristen Stewart
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#30. Everybody is going to love me and this is not being cocky - this is just what I see. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#31. The love that I got when I finally did start performing again was all that I needed to just get back out there. Just to know that people were out there and they missed me. That made all the difference. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#32. 11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. - Author: Anonymous
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#33. As a former English major, I am a sitting duck for Gift Books, and in the past few years I've gotten Dickens, Thackeray, Smollet, Richardson, Emerson, Keats, Boswell and the Brontes, all of them Great, none of them ever read by me, all of them now on a shelf, looking at me and making me feel guilty. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#34. I would just be vibing with whatever I liked the most. And then there were a couple songs that I started on my own. I would have a melody or an idea and I would take it to the studio to go through it. - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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#35. When I find myself having that much trouble with a song or a character or a story, I tend to move on ... - Author: Jazmine Sullivan
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