Top 14 Jake Cuenca Quotes

#1. Too far down that rabbit hole, wrapped in an unhealthy addiction,

V. Theia

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#2. Every luxury was lavished on you - atheism, breastfeeding, circumcision.

Joe Orton

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#3. We are only as blind as we want to be.

Maya Angelou

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#4. You have only to exist as you do and to live your life as best you can.

Albert Ellis

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#5. I haven't really spoken to God since I was a boy and I've rediscovered god and prayer in the process and all of that has come together.

Joe Eszterhas

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#6. Drawing in a deep breath, she smacked his bare ass. Hard. Aidan Fitzgerald, you better fuck me like you mean it!

Katie Ashley

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#7. Jane Austen easily used half a page describing someone else's eyes; she would not appreciate summarizing her reading tastes in ten titles.

Tracy Chevalier

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#8. I don't write for money or for my words to be read. I write because it takes me to dark corners in my mind that I was to afraid to go.

Zachary Koukol

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#9. The subject may be of first importance to the artist when he starts a picture, but it should be of least importance in the finished product. The subject is of no aesthetic significance.

John French Sloan

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#10. This was insane. What was wrong with the world? Didn't they know that ghosts and supernatural powers where little girls helped their dads and uncles solve case didn't exist?
It was books. It was television shows and movies. They had desensitized the world.
Damn writers.

Darynda Jones

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#11. If you persevere long enough, if you do the right things long enough, the right things will happen.

Ian Millar

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#12. I'd kill to be a poet.

Ken Bruen

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#13. Language was like clothes; it could be a help to one, or it could give one away. But the most important thing was that one should not pretend to be what one was not.

Willa Cather

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#14. All we will ever know and share about love, humility, compassion, and sacrifice - the secrets that will reveal and then resolve old sorrows - awaits us within ourselves.

Guy Finley

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