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#1. At first he seems cold, but if he really fell for someone, he'd love them deeper than the deep blue sea. - Author: Rika Yokomori
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#2. Power in organizations is the capacity generated by relationships. It is an energy that comes into existence through relationships. - Author: Margaret J. Wheatley
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#3. And that's when I know it's over. As soon as you start thinking about the beginning, it's the end. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#4. For me, hardcore is simply unapologetic music, free of rules.
By that definition, we are a hardcore band. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#5. Devotion to the family and devotion to the Church are not different and separate things. - Author: Boyd K. Packer
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#6. Though a song may race by in a minute and a half, every aspect of it is calculated and intentional. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#7. I know I'm asking a lot. You'd need to start talking, stop growling, and bathe. No offense meant, but you look like a crazy man the way you are. - Author: Melissa Haag
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#8. As a writer, I never paid much attention to the length of titles. I've just wanted them to communicate the emotional overtones of the content of a record or song that they are describing - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#9. I was in my early 20s and open to alternative lifestyles. I thought, 'I bet you get a lot of attractive, interesting women in a vegetarian co-op.' - Author: John Mackey
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#10. Finally, faced with horrors both intolerable and unavoidable, I chose madness. - Author: Alan Moore
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#11. I feel that bands can do whatever they want, after all, they own themselves and the art/music they create. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#12. It isn't the kind of profession that you have that makes you flourish; it's what you are coming from, within, that makes you flourish. Then everything that you step into turns into your garden. - Author: John De Ruiter
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#13. I am far from an "old" person in human terms, however I've spent over half my life immersed in the punk rock and hardcore community. I am not wholly defined by that as a person, but it is something that has been part of me for a long time. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#14. I do know of these That therefore only are reputed wise For saying nothing. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#15. Music being "good or bad" is a flawed idea. Artists make what they want to make and we either connect with it or we don't. Just because we relate to some songs more than others doesn't make the others less valid, we just don't understand them. In fact, we aren't meant to, and that's all right. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#16. I feel that people who are new to punk/hardcore don't truly understand the music and the role it plays in people's lives until they experience the environment for themselves. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#17. I've never been a fan of bands that go out and celebrate their age, I'd rather be celebrated for being relevant. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#18. Pete and Repeat are in a boat, Pete jumps out who's left in the boat? - Author: CM Punk
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#19. I feel that people spend as much time skipping songs as they do listening to them in their library. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#20. Genres aren't that relevant. Nearly every form of music is a melting pot of things of things. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#21. I don't regret the decisions or direction I've chosen, but I feel it's important to be self aware. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#22. In the same way, people who sleep when they should be working are testing God. Because God promised to take care of them, they assume that God will find a way. But in Proverbs, God told them to work: "Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth" (Proverbs 10:4). - Author: Martin Luther
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#23. It may seem strange, but the most grateful I've ever felt was when I was held up at gunpoint. After I handed over my wallet and the mugger ran off into the woods, I thought, 'Thank you for not shooting me.' I was overwhelmingly glad to be alive and unharmed. - Author: Juliana Hatfield
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#24. Time is always fleeting and the lunar phases represent that visually for me. What people take away from that and how they apply it within their own lives, that's entirely up to them. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#25. When we consistently suppress and distrust our intuitive knowingness, looking instead for authority, validation, and approval from others, we give our personal power away. - Author: Shakti Gawain
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#26. Nothing suits worse with vice than want of sense - Author: John Wilmot
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#27. Everyday that passes I am pulled from youth as how it has been defined by that culture into something else. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#28. Most people don't live aware lives. They live mechanical lives, mechanical thoughts - generally somebody else's - mechanical emotions, mechanical actions, mechanical reactions. - Author: Anthony De Mello
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#29. What I've witnessed, managers are divisive and allow musicians to become clouded, irresponsible, and unaware of the world around them. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#30. It's important me as a musician and also as an occasional show goer to feel the presence of a band on stage, to hear a PA reverberating and slapping off the walls, the push and pull of an audience, the blood, sweat, and heat. It's a primal thing in a way. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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