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#1. I'm learning Spanish - I got Rosetta Stone for Christmas. - Author: Karlie Kloss
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#2. Rejoice, that the immortal God is born, so that mortal man may live in eternity. - Author: Jan Hus
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#3. We brought with hus in the ship a cat, a most amicable cat and greatly loved by us; but he grew to great bulk through the eating of fish. - Author: Brendan
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#4. For whoso dies for Christ, he is conqueror and is delivered from all misery and attains the eternal joy to which may it please our Saviour to bring us all. - Author: Jan Hus
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#5. I have often had apparitions of hosts of serpents with heads at their tails, but not one was able to bite me; and many other visions. - Author: Jan Hus
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#6. I trust in the Lord God Almighty ... that he will not take away from me the cup of his redemption, but firmly hope to drink from it today in his kingdom. - Author: Jan Hus
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#7. I entreat masters to live a good life and faithfully to instruct their scholars, especially that they may love God and learn to give themselves to knowledge, in order to promote His honour, the welfare of the state, and their own salvation, but not for the sake of avarice or the praise of man. - Author: Jan Hus
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#8. Friedrich Nietzsche: "If Luther had been burned like Hus, the dawn of the Enlightenment might perhaps have come a little earlier and more brilliantly than we can now imagine. - Author: Timothy George
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#9. It is better to die well than to live badly. - Author: Jan Hus
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#10. Near even a candle, the visible heat. So it is with a person in love. - Author: Jane Hirshfield
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#11. "Cardinal Baggia," the killer hissed. "Have you prayed yet?" The Italian's eyes were fearless. "Only for your soul. - Author: Dan Brown
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#12. He that fears death loses the joys of life. - Author: Jan Hus
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#13. Planet Ay The Apes hus insinuated hissel intae the company. The thought ay that cunt shaggin wee Maria Anderson is not aesthetically appealing. The thought ay that cunt shaggin anybody isnae aesthetically appealing. If he tries tae talk tae ma Ma, ah'll gless the fucker's primate pus. - Author: Irvine Welsh
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#14. Teeth gritted, he gazed down at me. "Now that I come to think about it. I'm not real keen on your eye color, either. What do you call that shade of green? Fungus? - Author: Kylie Scott
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#15. With every smell, I smell food. With every sight, I see food. I can almost hear food. I want to spade the whole lot through my mouth at Mach 2. Basta! - Author: Sarah Ferguson
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#16. if ever a pope should command me to play on the flute, build towers, to mend or weave garments, and to stuff sausages, ought not my reason to judge that the pope was foolish in so commanding? - Author: Jan Hus
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#17. I, Master John Hus, in chains and in prison, now standing on the shore of this present life and expecting on the morrow a dreadful death, which will, I hope, purge away my sins, find no heresy in myself, and accept with all my heart any truth whatsoever that is worthy of belief. - Author: Jan Hus
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#18. An individual has to be tenacious enough to become enlightened. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#19. As for antichrist occupying the papal chair, it is evident that a pope living contrary to Christ, like any other perverted person, is called, by common consent, antichrist. - Author: Jan Hus
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#20. What I have taught with my lips I now seal with my blood. - Author: Jan Hus
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#21. I would never accept the recommendation of the theological faculty. - Author: Jan Hus
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#22. I entreat students of letters and other scholars to obey their masters in things good, to imitate them, and diligently apply themselves to letters for the sake of God's honour and their own salvation and that of other men. - Author: Jan Hus
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#23. By the fruits which it bears is the tree known. - Author: Jan Hus
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#24. I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the Holocaust. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#25. I hope, by God's grace, that I am truly a Christian, not deviating from the faith, and that I would rather suffer the penalty of a terrible death than wish to affirm anything outside of the faith or transgress the commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ. - Author: Jan Hus
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#26. Love the truth. Let others have their truth, and the truth will prevail. - Author: Jan Hus
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#27. In life eternal, there is perfect joy and light, without pain or torture, and there is communion with God Himself and His angels. - Author: Jan Hus
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#28. I entreat all artisans faithfully to follow their craft and take delight in it. I entreat all servants to be faithful servants of their masters and mistresses. - Author: Jan Hus
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#29. Age means nothing. If anything I feel that I'm still a child: eternity and childhood are my ages. - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
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#30. I, John Hus, fearing to sin against God, and fearing to commit perjury, am not willing to abjure ... any of them. - Author: William Dallmann
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#31. For God is my witness that I neither preached, affirmed, nor defended them, though they say that I did. - Author: Jan Hus
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#32. A weapon is a device for making your enemy change his mind. - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
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#33. The greater the challenge, the greater the grace of God. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#34. Open is the way of Satan; many walk therein. - Author: Jan Hus
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#35. O God and Lord, now the council condemns even Your own act and Your own law as heresy, since You Yourself did lay Your cause before Your Father as the just judge, as an example for us, whenever we are sorely oppressed. - Author: Jan Hus
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#36. Indeed, no one does more injury in the church than he who acts perversely and yet has the name and order of sanctity. - Author: Jan Hus
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