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#1. The Nile crashed in the Amazon while being piloted by Miss Ississippi.

Jarod Kintz

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#2. Meditation is a state of mind which looks at everything with complete attention, totally, not just parts of it. And no one can teach you how to be attentive. If any system teaches you how to be attentive, then you are attentive to the system, and that is not attention.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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#3. In these home affairs things I think occasionally it's the duty of politicians on both sides to turn round to the tabloids and right-wing newspapers and say 'you have your facts wrong and you're whipping up facts which are inaccurate

Kenneth Clarke

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#4. I was spending too much time thinking about how I was doing, if I was learning everything I was supposed to be learning during this difficult season, whether I was doing it right or not, taking my spiritual pulse, etc - my inner lawyer was working overtime.

Tullian Tchividjian

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#5. I know not every mom is a secret KGB spy, but every mom has this whole other life. Every dad and every person has this whole other life.

Keri Russell

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#6. We came out with a rice and a corn chip, then quickly decided we needed to focus on potato. It was just too much for consumers to figure out at once.

Keith Belling

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#7. we all are equal; I'm not black and you aren't white

Fany Renjana

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#8. Making music is a wonderful way to spend your life, but do it for the love before a career. Enjoy it.

Nigel Godrich

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