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#1. I go to the chair of government with feelings not unlike those of a culprit who is going to the place of his execution.

George Washington

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#2. His lips are the softest thing about him, warm and gentle, like a slice of heaven wrapped in hell, so worth battling the flames to feel his fire.

J.M. Darhower

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#3. The whole concept of awards is silly. I cannot abide by the judgment of other people, because if you accept it when they say you deserve an award, then you have to accept it when they say you don't.

Woody Allen

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#4. I have a thing for men's boxer briefs and a tank top. If I'm wearing them, I'm a happy gal.

Liz Vassey

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#5. Morris's face is melting. He shrieks and begins hugging the blazing, dissolving remnants of Rothstein's work to his burning chest.

Stephen King

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#6. There's no man on this earth can even be assured he'll have a next day.

Donal Ryan

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